what would u do on a cool day

10 Apr

london 5.56pm 13C (feels like 12C)cloudy/bright monday 2017

it has certainly gone cooler very fast, only yesterday it was so hot. such a swift reversal of fortune as they say. but i have not been out at all, all day. i have found a new weather website to tell me what the temperature is outside. this weather website that i have found will also tell you how it feels too. they say taking into consideration wind etc. 

what does feel like mean

The temperature displayed here refers to human thermal comfort. This value takes into account a number of environmental and personal factors, such as wind, air temperature, air humidity, and radiation from the Sun.

i dont know personally from first hand experience what it feels like, as i have not gone out of my flat. haha. i had thought of going out until i realise i dont need to. haha. there is nothing i have to do that cannot wait for another day to do. 

 earlier today in the morning, it was sunny. strong sunlight streaming into my lounge windows, and it did cross my mind that i maybe should take advantage of it and go out and sit in the sun. but the feeling passed. haha. and when next i look it was cloudy, so i can happily ditch that idea.

i am alone now in my flat, as both my friends have gone away. john, my usa friend have gone up north to visit friends, and simon have a break and has gone to his mum’s house in essex. so i have the place to myself. haha.

i dont mind either way really. as i do my own thing whether there are anyone here or not. but i do get nice meals out of them when they are here. simon cooked a delicious fried rice with pork before he left and i hadn’t intended to eat a lot of it, because i actually had my lunch earlier, but it was so delicious that i ate it all. that pork was so tender and i am still savouring it with my memory. i dont know how he did it, because when i cook pork it does get a bit hard. maybe it is because he used pork cutlets, so that might come from a part of the pig that is tender. whereas i always use shoulder pork and that is a bit tough.

he got that pork as part of the haul from the freezer hoard that has accummulated as a result of his mum’s foraging of reduced meats in her local supermarket. hope he brings  some more when he comes back. 

Digital StillCamera

found some leftover in the fridge and could not resist finishing it off.

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