thai new year today

13 Apr

london 11.27am 12C cloudy thursday 2017

i got today in my calendar as songkran, which i remember as a day when they throw water over you. but i found out later that today is the start of the thai new year. that sounds to me much more important. surely it is an important date for the thais. it is always a significant date for any country to celebrate  the start of a new year. but there are no festivities planned for this weekend in trafalgar square. i wonder why, as london is always eager to celebrate the world’s festivals. maybe londoners just dont like getting wet. we get wet all year round as it is.

instead some thai restaurants are having specials for today. this year it coincided with the easter weekend too. but trafalgar square is also not having anything to do with easter this weekend. not that it has ever done anything for easter in the past.  maybe it is celebrated country wide. but it is a muted celebration, maybe it happens in churches and such like, because there is no parade, (which reminds me of the film easter parade with judy garland, so it must be a big celebration in america) or street festival, or food festival. in fact the only way we know it is happening is the 4 day holiday we get, and also the big traffic jams that seem to accompany it. 

added 11.47am, wait, i have just seen in my calendar a short note saying enactment of the crucifixion in trafalgar square on friday or at least that is what i assume. they call it passion of christ. i googled it and found  a number of entries. one of them here.  they have been doing this play for 8yrs. how strange that i have never gone to see it. or maybe not so strange as these religious enactments dont interest me. and if they are realistic they will really bang the nail on the actor’s hands to hang him up, i am too squeamish to want to see that. 

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