hobbling about the flat

14 Apr

london 9.01pm good friday 13C dry night. highest today is 14C.

naturally i have been inside all day. with the crutches i find it impossible to carry things. luckily i found a collapsible wheeled trolley long ago which i have not used and it had been hanging on the shelf all these years(so that it is easy to store it without it taking up a lot of space) and now it has come in useful.

also the weight is all on my hands when i use the crutches and it makes the hands feel very painful. those old fashioned crutches which rest under the armpits are better designed as they are not so painful to use.

so i put on motorbikers gloves , left handed and right handed gloves belonging to different persons; which i found and had been keeping it for no reason, until now when they come in useful. haha. they are very thick which cushioned my hands. so many things i pick up at random and keep for no reason, not even wondering when i will ever use them. and then this happens and they all come into their own.

today my friend john came back from his visit up north. and he was saying to me he had got a terrible back pain, from playing table tennis. he said the pain was really bad, esp in the morning when he finds it very painful to get out of bed. but once that bit is overcome he finds he gets relief if he keeps on his feet, instead of sitting down. it is muscle spasm he said.

his is very different from my experience of back pain when i got a muscle spasm. it was caused by twisting trying to catch a rope when i was on a yacht. and the muscle spasm would come on now and then long after that episode. when it happens i found it impossible to move because it was so painful. i manage to deal with it  by very gently stretching the muscle in the back by lying down and bringing my knees up whilst bringing  my head up to meet them. and then holding that so that i can feel the muscle on the back being stretched. so far that muscle spasm has not recurred.

so now we have 2 guys disabled about the flat. haha. though it is not as bad as it sounds. he can still walk about, whilst i am on the mend.


2 Responses to “hobbling about the flat”

  1. dosirakbento Saturday April 15, 2017 at 11:20 am #

    Crutches do taken some time to get used to! I remember when I had a knee operation some years ago it took me ages to get the hang of them. Eventually thought I found using 1 crutch only was much easier, quicker to get around and it left a hand free! If I recall correctly the single crutch is used on the arm that isn’t on the weaker side (ie if it’s your left foot broken use crutch on the right side and vv). I can remember googling instructions about it

    • alifesgayventure Saturday April 15, 2017 at 11:35 am #

      i tried it, but found i lose my balance . also i have to hop, as i cannot put any weight on the left foot. and i find the right leg gets very tired, because not only has it got to bear my weight all the time, but also have to hop , and that means even more of a force on it. i tried to put the crutch on the left arm, and that does improve it, but it still makes me unstable. so in the end i realise using two crutches is really best. what i would like is the old fashioned crutches which let the armpits bear the weight. and it is easy to rest the good leg too.

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