life is nice

15 Apr

london 11.53am 11C sunny easter saturday 2017

it really is nice, even with me having this fractured foot. its very peaceful in my flat. john has come back and staying  over the weekend, before he goes off again next week. but he has been fetching and carrying for me, which is a real treat as i find it heck of a palaver to carry a simple thing like my coffee cup from the kitchen to the sofa in the lounge. using the trolley to carry it, cause it to spill and i have to resort to using a large cup so that i dont fill it with liquid so high that it spills. but it is a minor problem really. now john is busy in the kitchen cooking a curry stew. which will keep me in food for a bit without needing me to cook a lot.

and the sun is shining out there , even though the sky looks very cloudy. its a mystery that, with all that cloud, the sun is still able to shine so brightly through it. 

as usual reading the news, not a lot of happy news about. but that is the nature of news. good news is not really what the news is about. i would say bad news get all the press. so bear this in mind, or at least i have to constantly remind myself when i read the news so as not to get too depressed about  it.

i got a reminder via email that the place in the sun exhibition in olympia is coming on 5may. they have given me a free ticket to go but i am not sure i shall. not with this foot, but also the whole idea of buying property in europe has gone tits up now that we are leaving. i am sure i am not the only one who feels that way… i am afraid it has also affected the way i view those tv programs about buying property in europe. they all seem rather pointless now. 

i read a article saying lots of pensioners have given up on retiring in europe. perhaps they will revert to what they did in the old days before the EU, which is to take winter holidays over the 3 winter months in spain. that way they miss out on the very hot summer months in spain and which was the ideal way to go about it before this idea of retiring there make them go and live there all year round, and suffer the summer heat. 

i have been reading the lucia books by e f benson. but searching google, i find there is a free audio book u can listen to. so i am hearing it now, queen lucia, the first book in the series. 

added, 9.04pm what a happy coincidence. do u believe in coincidences? anyway i was idly coasting the tv channels and stumbled across the adaptation of mapp and lucia on the drama channel.  it was on at 8pm and i caught it just as it was being shown. they must have decided to do a re-run of the 3episodes over this long easter weekend and it is on everyday at 8pm till monday. it has only 3 episodes. and funny enough i was actually reading it earlier today in a book which i bought for 30p when the library was selling off their old books. it was a trilogy, starting off with this one. 


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