fresh election on 8june 2017

18 Apr

london 4.55pm 12C sunny. tuesday 2017

my goodness, what a surprise, just after the easter holidays when people have only just got back to work, and then here is this bombshell.

the country is having an early general election to elect the next govt. she is going to overule the fixed term act 2011, normally the next general election would be 5yrs later on Thursday 7 May 2020. this govt was elected in 2015, parliament will have to have a vote of no confidence or a two thirds supermajority of the house of commons to overule that act if she is to have her general election in june 8. there would be hardly any time to campaign on it. i am sure the opposition are all caught on the hop.  i bet they never expected it. is teresa may so confident she can get agreement to hold an election so early? quite a difference in approach from the american system of government when president elections hustings can start months in advance and is prolonged and time consuming. i much prefer the british system of short sharp quick elections. 

i have been rather busy going out. first time i did it, really putting the crutches to work and my right leg too. i managed to get all that i set out to do. so that means for the next 2 days i dont need to go out, and just go out on friday when i have to attend the followup appointment with the fracture clinic in st thomas hospital. the foot is healing well. 



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