good morning

19 Apr

london 7.24am 1C sunny wednesday 2017

from my weather website it seems it is 1C outside. i dont feel cold inside my flat, so i wonder who is right. my indoor nhs thermometer says 18C. and i dont have any heating in the flat. its possible that northolt which is the site where the website gets its readings is colder than we in london. when i look at another website, and search there for vauxhall, it says 7.9C sunny , which is what it looks like outside my window. and the low was 6C. that seems to tally with what i feel.  but then i am indoors and sheltered from the weather outside. that can be a big difference. ah well, it does not matter really. it is warm enough for me. and looks to promise a nice sunny day.

i see in today’s tv program that at 8pm sarah beeny’s how to live mortgage free is on. it is the first time i see a tv program about letting people know how to pay off their mortgage quicker. i remember i was never told u can pay it off earlier,so i never realise you dont have to stick to 25yrs to pay it off. you can overpay each month and it wont be wasted money as it will reduce the amount of interest u will pay.

it might be not everyone can do it. but even if they cannot pay it all off, it is still a good idea to reduce the capital sum, and hence pay less interest over the life of the mortgage. as someone who have paid off his mortgage, i can vouch that it makes life so much easier and inexpensive.


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