paris, champ elysee shut down because of killing of police officer.

20 Apr

london 10.51am 11C sunny thursday 2017

8.48pm 12C night dry. its been a quiet day in london but right now i have the tv on and the news live about the shooting of two police officers in the champs elysees, one died, (9.38pm the other had died too) and the whole place is shut down with no one on the street. people asked to stay indoors. it brings home how dangerous paris is.

a major tourist and landmark street being closed like this. it would be about 9.48pm almost 10pm in paris.  this action is so unusual that it must make people who normally would take these things in their stride, and carry on their normal activities without pause, this one must make them  pause and review their thinking. coming on top of that mass killing of restaurant customers in the past, i think if i were a parisien, i will start to reassess my risk factor.

is it safe to live in paris now? perhaps if i live there, i might still consider it safe to live there… but if i were a visitor, definitely i would not go there to visit. i read recently that the police generally will vote for le pen, because of her hardline security views. this incident must strengthen her position.


many tourists agencies have tried to maintain that life is normal in paris, and try to persuade their clients not to avoid going to paris, that the chance of being involved in a terrorist incident is low…but it seems to me the terrorism there is taking on a frightening direction, with terrorists shooting the police, or shooting the public as they eat in restaurants. it is so random and the targets are so unpredictable. that makes it more frightening to me. if the chances of getting killed just by eating in a restaurant in central paris can happen, it would make me avoid going to paris. you might say the chances are very small, but to get killed for something you do for leisure, that your being there is nothing important and not necessary , seems to me not worth the risk. there are plenty of other places in the world where u wont get gunned down just by eating on the sidewalk cafe on the street.

i think they really have to address the security question. every time an incident like this happens will be another nail in the tourist industry for france, and make its citizens more fearful and avoid eating out or going out in paris. 

added. 12.11pm friday 21.4.17. there is a daily express article asking is it safe to go to france, and the poll says 35% will go irregardless, 43% says recent events have made them rethink and not go, whilst 22% (which includes me) says they have no plans to go anyway. 

added. 24.4.17 the french president election first round has come and gone. macron and le pen go on to the second round. both are inexperienced with govt, but le pen have a stronger pledge to do something about security. but i think she will lose the second round, as the voters who have voted for the other losing candidates will shift their vote to macron.

my feeling is that french voters are too scared of leaving the EU. they have lost their own currency and are deeply entrenched in the EU, they cannot afford to leave it. and though they might like the stronger stance le pen takes with security, i think her stance against the EU will frighten them more.

they might accept more deaths from wild card terrorists in their cities  as the price worth taking or not willing to bet that le pen will stop such terror attacks even with her increased security measures.


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