follow up appointment in the fracture clinic

21 Apr

london 11.23am 13C cloudy friday 2017

i had the appoint first thing in the morning, so was seen first. later i saw how crowded it became and glad i escape all that.

the doctor said there was no fracture, when he looked at the xrays taken earlier, which did surprise me really. he said he knows what he is talking about as he is the expert. he sent me to take another lot of xrays of the foot, this time stressing that they take 3 views.

well, in the end, after he saw the new xrays, he had to admit there was a fracture. haha. well, i am glad there was one, otherwise this swelling and discomfort would have no cause and that to me is more worrying…

added. as a dentist myself, i do know it takes a special skill to read xrays. that is why there are doctors who specialise in it. so it is not surprising that even a registrar in this speciality can miss it. though if all else have failed to prove the diagnosis, the experienced doctor will know that the most likely one is the best bet and that is a fracture. esp given the history of me hitting that foot with the door.

anyway, the treatment is straightforward. put the foot in a boot that would make me put weight on the heel.  i am to use it and get another follow up in 6wks time. i ask for an  appointment time that is first thing in the morning, knowing now that would make me avoid the queue. 

Digital StillCamera

it looks like something from star wars, doesn’t it? and make me look like i got a skiing accident… haha. i only need to wear it when i am out and about. at home i can wear it, but i can manage getting about the flat using the crutches, so i shall  keep it bare, and elevate the foot, every time. and also to wriggle my toes to exercise them. and that is it… just let the healing take its time . i shall moisturise it with my aloe handcream. just so the skin dont dry out.

maybe later i might wear it more often, as it makes carrying my cup of coffee , and carrying  anything really much easier. using the trolley is a bit of a palaver. edit 23.4.17. i find i am quite skilfull with the trolley now. just goes to show practise makes perfect.

so that is my drama done and dusted. haha.

my friend david is coming to visit me at 3pm today… to give me the chilli and ginger. i am looking forward to it, at last to have chilli and ginger to add to my food…as well as to have a visitor visit me at home.

with this boot, i can be more mobile and can venture out to the tesco to buy a chicken. i seem to crave a curry chicken, or even a roast chicken. but whatever it is i crave meat…

you know, all this makes me glad i dont have any medical condition. imagine if i have gout, the blood test would come out positive and the doctor would continue to believe i got gout and we would have completely missed the fracture. and also lucky i dont have diabetes either, because the slowness of healing would have been attributed to the diabetes and it would again delay diagnosis of the fracture… all those of you who think well, i shall eat and wallop my body any old how when i am young, and dont care if i get any medical condition when i grow old,because i like my wine, my cigarettes, my suger and my overeating, may well consider that if u do get those conditions, it complicates things later and hides the real diagnosis because the doctors will be fooled by all these other medical conditions. the fact i dont have gout, nor diabetes, makes the doctor think again when all the medicine did not heal it. 

added. 5.24pm 14C cloudy . my friend david has come and gone. unfortunately i was disappointed at what he bought. instead of buying fresh ginger and fresh chilli, he bought pack of ground ginger and ground chilli powder. that is what i have discovered when u ask others to buy stuff for you. it is difficult to convey what you want exactly, or if it is easy to do so, they dont hear it , or they hear it but they dont listen.

ah well, lucky i got the boot, so i can go to brixton now without too much effort. so that is all right. poor david was mortified when he found out he bought the wrong items, but i said he gets A for effort and good intentions.

recently his mum had a fall, and he had to go see her yesterday. luckily she seems ok, and is being discharged from the hospital. she stayed 2 days there with a fractured skull it seems. but so far it did not seem to have any long term effects. his mother is 94yrs old. 

added. 7.01pm saturday 22.4.17. i have a chance to go out with the boot on, and i find it is heavy, or rather before without it my foot felt lighter. i think it is because i am still lifting it up and not putting any weight on it. theoretically i can put my weight on the boot now, letting my heel take the strain, but i am still instinctively reluctant to put any weight on it. so am lifting it … and that is tiring because with the boot on, it is heavier. 

2 Responses to “follow up appointment in the fracture clinic”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday April 21, 2017 at 2:02 pm #

    Nice boot 😉Continue to mend and enjoy your weekend as best as you can 😊

  2. alifesgayventure Friday April 21, 2017 at 9:21 pm #

    i was getting restless staying indoors, so the boot is welcomed. this means i can go out tomorrow and thank goodness for that.

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