another pleasant day

23 Apr

london 5.26pm 14C sunny sunday 2017

its quite warm in the flat, so i opened the window a notch to let in the breeze. and to think they have been warning us of a cold snap coming.most probably it refers to the north. its cold up north no matter what time of year it is. that is why i dont live there. haha. and also why i dont take much heed of these weather forecasts that warn of cold weather ahead. or come to think of it, that warn of a heat wave ahead either.

when u live here long enough u soon take all those forecasts with a huge pinch of salt. even if they come true, it never affects london very much anyway.

maybe it is for the benefit of gardeners, to warn them to cover up their plants or take them indoors. when u consider they spend a lot of money buying plants every spring,(i know this because my friend in bournemouth regularly tells me around this time that he and his neighbour are off  to buy plants) to prepare for the plantings that will enable their gardens to flourish over the summer, it can be an expensive business for them if a cold frost kills them off. it never cease to amaze me that they buy their plants all ready made as it were. i thought they would plant them from seed… and i thought it is a cheap hobby if they do it that way. but now i realise it is a very expensive hobby, gardening, because of their way of doing it… buying ready made plants.

our gardener who tends the communal gardens do it from seeds, or seedlings, because we can see the seedlings growing from scratch. so we get really lovely flowers that vary and come on in turn rather than appear suddenly in all their full blown glory where none has been before. 

i did the laundry today. first time in a long while. thank goodness for the washing machine, all i have to do is to load it up and then take out the washing and hang it up. so even with my gamey foot i could do it easy. in fact, i can do most things easily, the only thing i cannot do is to do the vacuuming. so the carpet is showing the dirt. it will just have to wait because simon has not shown any of his zeal to clean it like last time. haha.

i was out to the library this morning. at first i thought the boot is more trouble than it is worth. yesterday i tried it on the first time , on its first outing… and i find it heavy and i got real tired. but then realise i have been doing it all wrong. i was still afraid to put my weight on it so had been going round lifting it up all the time. naturally that is tiring, because it is a heavy boot.

but i learnt quick to trust it and so today i have been putting my weight on it , letting my heel take the weight; and so taking the pressure off the leg muscles in always lifting it up … and it is quite comfy and doable.

so i shall make a trip to brixton tomorrow with the boot, and hope to get my ginger and chilli at last. 

come to think of it, i could wear the boot indoors and do the vacuuming… but i think i will turn a blind eye to all the dirt and just leave it. it is not urgent. i shall give the foot further chances to get better. well that is my excuse anyway. haha.

hmm, i see the london marathon is on today. well, bully for them. fortunately it is on the other side of town from me, and so the buses around me are not affected and we here are not inconvenienced.

i guess when u live in a place long enough u stop being a tourist in it, and begin to look on these touristy attractions as a huge inconvenience. haha. i try not to do that, and allow that london must cater to all tastes. and those who live here permanently can just be selective in what they chose to join in.

but i am still rather glad they decide to put it in east london and so bother east london dwellers with it, rather than here. haha. 




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