some mundane chores but made more challenging because of my foot

26 Apr

london 11.58am 8C cloudy wednesday 2017

it was as low as 1C it seems early this morning, but i cannot say i noticed any difference in the flat. this cold spell sounds cold, but in reality it is nothing like what it sounds.

last night i was in the kitchen preparing a pork and celery quick dish, and simon came in and ask if i need help. it seems i have been making grunting noises without realising i was doing it. and he thought i was in trouble. i forgot to tell him, if i was making such noises, and i was completely unaware i was doing so, before he told me;  it is just an unconscious noise i make to make it easier when i have to hop about the place, carrying things.

it sounds like i am suffering… or complaining, and it looks worse than it really is. i am not really suffering haha. but i think making noises makes it easier to do, or makes the effort more enjoyable… like shouting whoopee when u are hitting something. it is an unconscious thing, and it  just makes it more enjoyable,or more bearable; know what i mean?

anyway, life is easy really and nothing dramatic has happened that is why i did not post anything yesterday.

yesterday, i did mundane things like going to the tesco after a long absence… i took two buses to get there, even though it is just over the river from me. it saves me doing the long walk to from the vauxhall bus station to the tesco.

but in the end i did not buy the chicken, which i had first put onto my trolley… in fact, it was rather nice of one of the shoppers to ask the staff to find me a trolley, because when i first arrived i was a bit nonplussed as to how to proceed. i usually take a basket and realised i cannot take a basket as i cannot carry it and walk around with my crutches.

and it was then, when i was standing there a bit undecided that the woman shopper ask me if i needed help. so rather nice of her actually. she approached the staff to ask them to help me. the staff ask me if i want to use a wheelchair. i saw one folded up by the corner and had contemplated using it but how am i going to pull a trolley with me if i use it? so the trolley was the better answer as i could put my crutches in it, and use the trolley as a crutch.

but as for the chicken, i realise it is too heavy to carry with me, once i paid for it and cannot have the use of the trolley to carry it back for me. so i had to reluctantly ditch it and put it back. i think if i really want one i shall have to ask simon to buy me one. one day my craving for roast chicken will be overwhelming and that is when i shall have to get one.

but i bought a celery , i was craving some veg, and a packet of digestive biscuits which i was rather craving too. fortunately i got a lot of meat in the freezer to use up so i could make a pork celery stir fry and quick cook. amazing how much i crave some veg after so long without.

on the way back i just missed two buses because i could not hobble fast enough to catch them. i have to watch as they move off… and make me realise how old people have to cope , always missing buses that arrive just as they approach the stop and they could not move fast enough to catch it. but of course with me, it is not a normal situation, so i can afford to shrug it off and wait for the next bus and this being london, the next bus comes very quick. it does make you think… that if u become really old, u have to develop patience and zen like fortitude. haha. otherwise u end up like an angry old person. maybe that is why i see quite a lot of angry old men. they are the ones who cannot accept they are getting old and slowing down and railing against the dark night. very futile if u ask me. but there u are , their souls want it. 

added 3.38pm 9C sunny now, but i was caught in a hail storm earlier. i went out to buy a plunger (what is known as a plumber’s mate). it was £5. surprisingly the same price since i bought the last one ages ago. they are very useful to have as they unblock my sink. that was when coming back i was caught in a minor hail storm. it was very small pellets of hard snow, like balls. fortunately i have found a way of wedgeing the umbrella end against my trouser top and enclosing it within my fleeze jacket and so i can keep it over me even when my hands are full  using the crutches. so i was not pelted with these small hard snowballs. so i was able to enjoy the hail, seeing them spattering against the pavement all around me. it is a bit of fun that.  it did not feel that cold, but there was a biting wind. now it is all sunny and blue sky like all that never happens. haha.

i have since unplugged my sink and am sitting here, putting my feet up and enjoying a mug of coffee… haha. looking out onto a really sunny outside. wondering whether i should trouble to go out and take in the sun… but i am too lazy really. hehe. 

added. 6.41pm 8C feels like 4C, and it seems that feels like is quite accurate. john came back from visiting his friends and said it is freezing out there. to me inside the flat it seems like normal and it is sunny out there, so i got the impression it was pleasant outside. just as well i did not bother to go out earlier to take the sun. haha. john said he too got caught in a hail storm too. my friend david from brixton came to visit bringing with him red chillis, and ginger, fresh ones too. so finally he managed to give me the fresh chillis and ginger he said he will buy for me. haha. sweet of him, really. and he bought it from the proper shop, selling at full price. it was red chillis, £1 , and a nice block of ginger. he did not want me to pay him for it, so i dont know how much it cost him for the ginger. 

Digital StillCamera

he gave me a copy of private eye , as well as a bottle of body shop olive shower gel. i did notice that the bottle has a really nice top. i find body shop stuff have really nice bottle tops. haha. i hope he did not have to buy it. i am perfectly happy to receive gifts that he cannot use himself. in fact i prefer it, as i dont really like my friends to spend money on such things. but if it is unwanted presents that he got from others, i dont mind having them, because i think the bottle is really nice to have. sometimes i wish i can find these bottles in recycling bins. they are so useful but i never can find them … what do people do with these bottles when they finish off the contents, i wonder. 


2 Responses to “some mundane chores but made more challenging because of my foot”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Wednesday April 26, 2017 at 9:47 pm #

    Best get things done as you can’t “kick the can” down the road”.

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday April 26, 2017 at 10:11 pm #

      actually that clearing of my blocked sink took a bit of time as i could not buy that plunger for a few days. fortunately the blockage is not total but partial. so things can be postponed if needs must. i find most things can wait really. its a good life i think when most things can wait and nothing is really that urgent anymore.

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