so many bank holidays at this time

27 Apr

london 5.51pm 11C cloudy thursday 2017

6.31pm rain 10C . we have a lot of bank holidays at this time. there was that long easter weekend last week, this week will be the may bank holiday , than at the end of may , another bank holiday. like they say, you wait ages for a bank holiday and then 3 comes all at once. the curious thing is that the may bank holidays dont seem to celebrate anything. it used to be the 1may was labour day. as to what the late may bank holiday was about i have no idea. why is it there in the first place? what is it celebrating?

personally i think there are too many of them bunched up at this time of year when we could do with a bank holiday in oct, to break that long 3- month -almost- 4months desert -like stretch where there is not a bank holiday in sight. haha. it used to be when i was working i would have liked bank holidays. now of course, they dont mean anything. haha. everyday is a bank holiday to me now.

 so now i see in the time out magazine given away free in the library all those activities to fill the bank holiday long weekend. perhaps many will be interested in joining them, but maybe i am too jaded now. none of them make me want to join in. perhaps just as well, because with this foot i cant see any way i can join in even if i wish to.

oh, i just remembered, bank holidays are always good for bargain reductions in food in the supermarkets… but again, i forgot this foot will restrict me somewhat.

though it is getting better and i can put my weight on it , on the heel, without it giving pain as often. so who knows by the third bank holiday , end of may, i might be able to go scouting for bargains again. i would enjoy that.

i do enjoy cooking and eating, and wandering around london by bus, usually moving from one library to another. haha. and i have not been to chinatown to browse the grocery stores there, it has been quite a long time since, so it would be something to look forward to when i do go.

the days are lengthening now, it is getting more noticeable too with the sun setting till after 8pm. and it is still light even now as i speak at 7.49pm.

the tv programs are now getting into the quiet period over summer where they show lots of repeats, so not as interesting to watch.  but even when they are in their peak period i dont always like what the general public seem to like. who seem to like the dramas, or the game shows, or the talent contests. usually  i can find something to watch that i like and there are always the nature programs. i read this article saying the nature programs do sex it up a bit, just to make it more interesting, and it says if it were to just take what comes and show nature as it is, it would be rather dull. so they inject some kind of story into it, to make it more emotional with music and sound track that they put in. i think most of us know that and permit them to do it, we are aware of the deception, and the artifice, but we want to be entertained and we want an emotional story. i think it got to the stage where we expect it so much so that a straightforward telling of the events might be too dull for us now. i read that they are attempting the opposite to these dramatic nature stories by going the slow route. there was one about a reindeer sleigh ride, just in real time showing the journey of a reindeer and sleigh walking through the snow. it was quite interesting actually. now i hear they are going to do something similar but showing the migration of the reindeer every summer up to the mountains from their winter grazing fields in the lowlands. but it seems everything is stalled, because the female bellwether reindeer is not starting it, and the whole herd is staying put until she decides to move. haha.

added. 7.16am saturday 2017, 12C cloudy. in the end they have to abort it, when the reindeer arrived at the water channel that separates the mainland from the island they are heading to. for some reason they decided to ferry the reindeer across instead of letting them cross it themselves. maybe this is just humans interfering with nature. we think the reindeer wont be able to make it, and feel the urge to help them. either that or they dont want to risk the herd being filmed with some drowning or swept away in the treacherous waters and show it all live and happening… it will be too traumatic for the viewers i guess. after all it is meant to be a slow tv moment showing a gentle way of life.


2 Responses to “so many bank holidays at this time”

  1. Sarah M Saturday April 29, 2017 at 9:02 pm #

    When I was a girl the late bank holiday was called Whitsun (It’s something religious, Americans call it pentecostal I think) and this bank holiday didn’t exist. This first week of May was introduced by a labour government in the 70s I think, the old ‘workers day’ holiday.

    • alifesgayventure Saturday April 29, 2017 at 10:24 pm #

      whitsun must be real special if it merits a bank holiday. and yet today nothing is heard about it at all. and it is renamed spring bank holiday, as if the 1st may one is not a spring holiday too. i think they should keep the 1st may holiday as a labour day. all labour should cease on that day. that should show people how vital those who provide the basic services are to society.all businesses should shut their doors on that day. though how will hospitals and the police services cope i wonder. it might be a field day for crooks. haha. just goes to show it is a pipe dream to have a complete shut down and have a proper holiday for everyone.

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