29 Apr

london 7.12am 9.8C sunny saturday 2017

i cheated a bit with the weather temperature. another website that takes its reading from northolt says 4C, but the one for vauxhall is higher. and it does feel warm, but then i am inside the flat so that does not mean anything really. it just goes to show all these temperature readings are a bit hit or miss. i could just as easily lift any old figure off the air, or off the top of my head and it would be right.

got an email sent to me by the battersea power station people, saying i have been invited to a tour of the insides on 7may. pity i cannot do it as it is not for those who have limited mobility. i would have loved to see what they are doing to it from the insides. outwardly we have seen them demolish the 4 legs (chimneys) of the station and rebuilt it. the last time i saw the insides it was a rotting shell, with rain coming in, as it was roofless.

 got a email from john, who has followed my direction and bought the £1 ticket for the rail journey to london for the june weekend which he has wanted to come and visit me . but it seems he could not get the £1 return fare. he must have gone in too late yesterday, when i told him to book it. he got £8 to pay. ah well, i suspect as much.

i know his soul does want to make his life difficult. in fact i was surprised when he first told me he got the first fare for £1. i thought his soul would be up to its tricks again. but it reserved it for the return trip. haha. he could not even get it for £5 which is the next level up if u miss the £1 fare.

if i were him, i would give that soul of his a good barracking. i hope it behaves itself when he comes here. it better not do any of its bloody tricks when i am involved. john has bought tickets to some kind of concert , choir boys singing in a church , and lunch. and have invited me to join him.

it is actually the same day as the naked bike ride in london, but since both of us have gone off it, we are glad to be doing something else on that day.

in fact that day is a busy day … on that same day,there is a blogger’s meeting near me , in st vincent square, in a hotel there. it is a world wide gathering of bloggers. from their website it looks like bloggers who are quite commercially minded, in that they are keen to promote something that they do, mainly self publicising books. they also seek to find mutual support from fellow bloggers who are doing the same.

self publishing your books seem to be the thing now.

i think having a blog can fulfill a person’s desire to publish something they write. not everyone wants to make lots of money from it. we just want to put our thoughts down on paper as it were. and hope to gather a small audience of like minded people to share it. one thing that is good about not having a novel is that we dont have to escalate our events, and just continue writing about our mundane doings.

the thing with a novel is this…if it were a novel, we have to up the ante to wilder and wilder tricks. like a tv series where the authors have to introduce wilder and wilder plots as it goes on, trying to out do what they wrote before; a novel have to produce cliff hangers time and again. if u have read sex in the city by maupin, u would have noticed how the plots got more and more outlandish as it goes on. it can be a chore trying to find more and more plots to fill up the novel. 

added. 4.51pm 15C sunny. i came back from the library, and saw gush of water coming out from the gas outlet pipe of a flat near mine. at first i thought it was a ground floor flat, but we had a knock on our flat door , it was a guy who has rented the flat downstairs and opposite to us, asking us if we know how to get into the flat opposite mine. it seems the water is coming from them, and streaming down his flat below. it seems no one is in the opposite flat. i wonder if they are on holiday. just their bad luck to have a burst pipe just when they are on holiday. they are renting it from an agency.

i dont know how to deal with this myself. i dont have any emergency phone numbers. the management have an office but it will be closed over the weekend, and i dont have the phone number for the caretaker. this is a leakage in a private flat, so an emergency plumber is required, but who is to let the plumber into the flat? who got keys to it? one wonders how these things are handled. ah well, thank goodness it is not my flat. though we must put some thought to what to do if it is my flat. my water tap  to control the water into my flat is completely stuck from calcium deposits on it, so i wonder how the plumber will wench it closed, but maybe they know how to deal with it, if they are the experts and blocked up water taps must be a everyday problem here in london seeing we got hard water.

it is murder for the flat below the leaking flat. all that water destroying everything, and flooding the place. but i think the building has insurance for it, which we pay via our service charge. that is the good thing about living in a flat, it is all taken care of.

i wonder if my neighbour must be thinking why the fxxk the water must burst  at this time when he is not there and on holiday. must it wait till he goes away instead of bursting all those times when he is at home and around? 

talking of the soul making life difficult. twice i have left my knapsack behind in the bus and just this morning was the 2nd time. luckily when i got off, i realised my back was too light… and then realised i have left my knapsack with my chromebook on the seat, so i hurriedly raised my crutch and alerted the driver, before he drove off,  who luckily saw me, and opened the door for me to hop back in and retrieve it. that was the 2nd time this happened to me… now what is my id telling me. is it trying to make my life difficult and is foiled by my soul warning me of it.? i wonder.

i have told myself when it happened the first time not to take off my knapsack and leave it on the seat. because i will forget to take it with me. and twice now it has proved me right and only luck , or my soul, that have made me not lose it. if i were to lose it from doing this stupid thing i shall really kick myself hard …

well now from now on,  if ever i feel i want to take off my knapsack when i am on the bus, i shall give myself a fierce talking to and say dont u dare. you shall wear that thing even if it kills u , even if it is bloody heavy . u shall keep it on. !!! and i shall give myself a fierce slap to remind me not to be such a fool  because i am determined not to lose my chrome book or knapsack in this way.

i know why i keep forgetting the knapsack. in the past i used to hook my arm round the sling of the knapsack, so i never forget it, but now with those two crutches to keep my hands occupied, i dont keep a hold on the knapsack anymore. so that is why i keep forgetting to take it with me when i leave the bus.




4 Responses to “emails”

  1. Sarah M Monday May 1, 2017 at 9:52 am #

    Oh I would love to go look around Battersea Power station. The last time I went, maybe two summers ago, they were showing movies there and had a pop-up bar, and they said that would be last opportunity to see it (which in a way it was I suppose).
    And there is so much rubbish out there in the self-publishing world. Badly edited shite that nobody cares about except the person who wrote it.

    • alifesgayventure Monday May 1, 2017 at 10:13 am #

      actually anyone could get themselves invited.
      here is their email to me. with the link
      We’d like to invite you to come on a Power Station tour on Sunday 7th May.

      To sign up to come along, please fill out the form at: This form will close on Thursday so please fill this in asap.

      A few things to note:
      The tour will take up to 1 hour.
      Due to health and safety on accessing a live construction site, we won’t be able to accommodate:
      Anyone under the age of 18 years old
      Anyone pregnant
      Anyone in a wheelchair or with mobility issues
      To come on a tour, you must be wearing enclosed flat shoes (trainers or walking boots preferably. UGG boots are not suitable) and trousers.
      You will be able to bring one guest along with you.
      We will ask you for your feedback on your experience of the tour after the event.

      We will then be in touch to let you know which tour you have been allocated to.

      . in fact, this bank holiday monday they are having some kind of do there, free coffee too. haha… and u know what a sucker i am when there is free coffee. hoho.
      if u do get a ticket to the tour, do take plenty of pics, just to show us what it is like now

      • Sarah M Monday May 1, 2017 at 10:23 am #

        It’s a ballot for a ticket then, so I have entered and see what happens. The no ugg boot rule may be a problem, but I’m sure I have some real shoes somewhere 🙂

      • alifesgayventure Monday May 1, 2017 at 10:32 am #

        i laughed when i read that ref to ugg boots. they sure know their likely audience. haha. also their ref to trousers only makes me wonder if the women might be up in arms about that. hehe. also , no mention of stilleto heels, so that is alright then?

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