busy buses

30 Apr

london sunday 2017. 5.24pm 15C cloudy .

as usual i go to the paddington library to read the sunday papers, not many, as they only take in two . the mail on sunday and the sunday times.

oh by the way, the water leak has been repaired. at least there is not that huge gush of water shooting out of the wall from the outlet pipe high up the wall of my block of flats. must be quite a relief for those who live in the flat just below it.

i went to the library by bus and i noticed it is rather full. the 36. ever since they diverted the 436 which used to stop at paddington station, and shifted it from vauxhall to terminate at  battersea power station, i have noticed the 36 service is not so frequent as before and more crowded. it is the only service that links vauxhall, victoria station and paddington station.

i was thinking i am on the bus because it is a leisure activity for me, i dont have to do it, but many of those i see around me dont seem to be making the trip out of pleasure. since the route serves victoria station and paddington station, there are quite a number with luggage. that is the thing when u live in a big city there are so many people so that even on a bank holiday sunday when people are not working, u still see such a lot of people taking the buses. its busy, busy, busy. quite nice if u are like me who like to people watch.

i wonder if the 36 is reduced service today because it is a sunday. i remembered they do go less frequently on a sunday. and also tomorrow too, as it is a public holiday. so today’s infrequent service may not be normal. but it is all relative, because even with this slower service, the wait is only about 10mins or so. they must hire a lot of bus drivers.

and the mental talking to that i gave myself about taking the knapsack off my shoulders seem to have worked a treat. i have no desire to off load the knapsack, and in fact it makes for such a pleasant time because it being on my shoulder i can put it out of my mind entirely. i forgot about it and so did not notice it’s weight.  



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