good morning

2 May

london 9.51am 11C sunny tuesday 2017

i get the wordpress reader and there is this 10 countries with the highest male expectancy. females live longer, 84yrs as opposed to males 80yrs. interesting to find singapore there. the oriental stock and the nordic stock seems to be long lived.

we are all familiar with japan’s old people. but it is switzerland that tops male expectancy. but  not by much. so generally i would  say all 10 countries have about equal footing.

though to have too many old people is like a poisoned chalice. it is not all that great for the country or even for the families of the old , though good for the individuals concerned but not always. some may suffer so much they might long for death. the old age statistics is like a time bomb as the bulging age group in the graph moves right leaving fewer ones working to pay for them. at first, when i saw this article i thought how nice to know which countries have their old people live so long. sounds like it is a success… to provide conditions where their people can live so long. but on second thoughts, u realise it is not all that great. these countries will struggle to afford all these old people with their increasing burden of health and long term care. 

but enough of those gloomy thoughts on this bright sunny day. let us just enjoy the moment. and have another cup of coffee. 

good afternoon 3.47pm 15C cloudy. i have quite an enjoyable time shopping for chicken and pork and veg. i have found the best combination of buses and distance from the bus stop to decide which tesco is best to shop at. it is the kennington tesco. even though it involves two changes of buses, the tesco is a short walk from the bus stops. and it has trolleys which i can use as a crutch. and it has fruits that u can pick up. meant to be for kids, but hey, for us kidless families, why shouldn’t we pick them up too. but i find out i can put the chicken in the backpack and use the crutches to carry the pork, and celery. so this way i can carry close to 4-5kg without any trouble at all.

so i finally was able to roast a chicken and have a roast dinner. cooking it in the oven is effortless. its quite a simple pleasure. not sure if most people are aware of it, or not. i get a lot of pleasure out of it. the cooking and the eating of it. the eating of it will continue for a few more meals yet, as i find different ways of making dishes out of it.

i think those people who dont learn how to cook lose a great deal when they grow older. the sense of independence where u can live off what u cook instead of relying on another is priceless. for those who are so pampered , or are so rich they have cooks and butlers to cater for their every need, and never learn these simple life skills, or who have relied on their wives to cook for them, to find themselves entirely in hopeless need when the wives die… that skill of being able to look after yourself when everyone has died on you is a very happy life skill. 

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