its a nice life being retired

4 May

london 11.09am 12C cloudy thursday 2017

yesterday was a cloudy day, so i stayed in all day, and felt sleepy at about 8.30pm and thought i shall just take a short nap, but when i next woke up it was 3am, and noticed simon sleeping next to me. he must have  come back from essex. at least i thought he went yesterday and i thought he would be gone for a few days, as he tends to do when his work shift allows him. but i dont really know his schedule of work, so he might have gone to work and it might be this shift is a long 10hour shift, who knows really…  

this morning, i woke to find he has gone. i am glad he did it so quietly that it did not wake me up. not sure if this time he has gone to essex, leaving before the traffic charge imposed by us being in zone one kicks in at 7am. i must say i dont bother to keep up with his work shift patterns, that way i dont have to worry about him. i always believe a person must be free to go and come whenever he likes.

 my friend john had gone too, back to the usa. i think he enjoys staying here, because i dont place any restrictions on him about when he comes or goes. and he is not expected to tell me what he is doing either. haha. i am very easy about these things. 

 anyway i went online for about an hour after i woke up  and then went back to sleep and woke up now and it is about 11am. what a nice long sleep i had. very refreshing and i can do it because i dont have any appointments etc anymore. isn’t it great? one of the joys of retirement. and one of the joys of not needing to work.

in case u think i must have a big pension, to be able to afford it, i can tell you it is not necessary to have a lot of money to retire. so many times we hear of financial experts saying u need a large pension pot to be able to sustain the lifestyle u are used to. but i say you will not want to live that kind of lifestyle u had whilst working. the travelling, or spending. like me , you might find you dont fancy doing those things or buying those things anymore. those who lie awake worrying about it can rest easy. my own experience tells me there is no need to have a large amount of money to live a happy retirement.

though i must make one caveat, you must be living in the uk after retirement. this is because u have the nhs. and if u receive your pension in £s , then at least the exchange rate wont affect u too much. as people retiring in europe now realise, the drop in the exchange rate can affect their income significantly. of course the £ could go up too, but i think i can predict that the trend is a lower £. it is traditionally the only way a country can offset its overspending. by letting the value of its currency slowly drift down. you might say that is cheating its people but it is a way of collectively allowing everyone to pay for it. haha.

though not businesses, because they can raise their prices and maintain the profit. i have noticed that in this system the companies gain a lot , they never have to pay inheritance taxes, and they can find lots of ways to offset tax. and what is more they are subjected to a fix rate of tax, the business tax of 15% or so. and likely to go down too. unlike personal taxes that can go high to as much as 50% or more, if u include national insurance. the playing field is skewed towards companies and businesses.

it pays for any rich person to make himself into a business. i can foresee a time when there wont be any rich person as such. he will be a family business. and all the sons and daughters will be named as beneficiaries of that company, maybe with shares to it. or with trusts created for them that will ring fence the amount of tax they pay.

but as for us individuals , we continue to enjoy our lives because wealth is not a big factor in how much u enjoy it. once u reach a certain point in income, your happiness does not increase in proportion after that. if u still think it does, i hope u do find out one day that it does not and that u can be very happy even though u dont earn a lot of money. 

added. of course i just realise that your idea of retirement may be entirely different to what u read here about what i do. to you, what i am doing may be a living hell . haha. looking at what i do, it is not a lot. a lot of things happen in my mind. i have long ago stopped measuring my life by how much and how many things i do or see or how busy i am. to me being busy is hell… to have every sec on my life accounted for and planned for is hell. but maybe not to you. to have nothing planned or to have no goals may be hell to you. in which case of course my kind of life will not be for you. 


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