council elections result

5 May

london 11.42am 14C cloudy friday 2017

council elections for the rest of uk , not london, was yesterday and the results are coming in. quite a bloodbath for UKIP, who lost all their seats; and for labour in wales and england. as of now the scotland results are not in. i would be most interested in the scottish result. 

added. 7.37pm. from what i gather, there are all hung councils now in scotland; meaning no overall control. previously there were 6 with either snp or labour controlled, now they have all become hung councils. the scotland graph do not show the conservative seats won, which accounts for all the councils being hung councils. the torys have taken seats that have been previously labour. that is why it has stopped the snp from controlling glasgow, which they had hoped to do; glasgow was a labour stronghold.

pity they have not summarised  how many former snp or labour seats  have been taken by the conservatives. though u can get a inkling it is quite a lot when u look at the map of scotland with conservative gains. quite a sea of blue. 

sat 6may added. 6.27am 10C sunny . scotland result 

Con – 276, a rise of 164
Lab – 262, down 112
LD – 67, up 1
SNP – 431, up 31
Green – 19, up 7
Independents – 172, down 86


council elections usually dont attract much notice by the national press, nor of most people in the uk in general. but coming as it does just before the general election, people will interpret it in their own way as to what it portends about the general election.

in london we did not have to go to the voting booth yesterday to vote for our local council, because we did it on the same day when we voted for the EU referendum. that was in june last year. gosh, was it almost a year now since that referendum… time certainly has flown. and we are going to have another historic vote in june this year when we vote in the general election.

i dont suppose people outside the uk will be interested in our elections  , or would they? but you would be surprised at how much interest the rest of the world seem to have for what the british do. i would have thought no one apart from the british would be interested that the prince philip is to retire from public duties. and yet it seems to have swept the world. though maybe because it was reported falsely that he had died. 


One Response to “council elections result”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday May 5, 2017 at 2:11 pm #

    I too was worried that a member of royal family had passed. Thankfully all are well. Scary how false news can report “deaths” – famous actor Jet Li was also falsely reported as “dead”

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