just chatting

6 May

london 2.55pm 14C cloudy saturday 2017

7.31pm 13C cloudy. i just fancy chatting and writing a post. my life is very uneventful, which i like, but as usual, a happy life is not anything to write about really. no dramas, or awful human relationships to mull over, or anything.

this morning i had a lovely time going by bus to the marylebone library, which is my normal habit. i thought i shall stop at the next stop from the harley st bus stop, thinking it is nearer to the library, but instead the bus just went on much further to marylebone bus stop instead. a long way to hobble back , so that was a bad decision. but one lives and learns and nothing ventured nothing gained.

another time i was trying out  a different route and realised it was a longer route and a man in a mercedes stop and ask if he can give me a lift. at first i said no need as i was just going to the library and it is just round the corner, he said he can take me there, and i realised it would save me the effort to hobbling to it, and even though it is a short distance, it will be an effort with this foot. so i thankfully accepted his offer. rather nice of him i thought to stop and offer me a lift. and being a mercedes, the front seat was really spacious. i understand people whose ambition is to own one of these things, this brand of car. and it is a sign that they have arrived… whatever status they think it is linked to. i have sat in it, and i am not really wanting to own it.

 i see a article in the daily mail featuring this really battleship- looking luxury yachts by some russian oligarch, and i thought it looked really ugly with very hotel like decor inside. but i guess to some it is the height of luxury and something to aspire to. it seems funny to me to want that. 


2 Responses to “just chatting”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday May 7, 2017 at 1:16 am #

    Nice of the guy in the mercedes to offer a lift. Kindly of the person. You had better take care of your foot as too much hobbling can delay healing. Take care. Have a great Sunday!

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday May 7, 2017 at 5:15 am #

    actually when i hobble, i lift the foot completely off the ground. so even though i am wearing that boot, and theoretically i can put my weight on my heel, i find it faster to just swing my foot forward letting all my weight be carried by the two crutches. it means my hands take the weight, and it can be quite painful with the pressure on the palm of my hands. so sometimes i put my gloves on. once i saw a woman with one crutch in her right arm walk by me and she had a bandage round her left foot. she told me she hurt her left ankle and it had taken ages to heal. i said she should shift the crutch to the left hand. she did but continued to put weight on her left foot. for her, she should lift the foot completely and not put any weight on it . and that means using two crutches. i dont see any old person using two crutches to do as i do. many use one crutch and use it like a walking stick. they still put weight on the foot. by rights they should not.

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