being rich. the french politics.

7 May

london 2.45pm 15C sunny. sunday 2017

the sunday times got a booklet today listing the richest people this year. it seems quite a lot of britishers have got more money from the rise in the stock market since brexit. i did not bother to look through the list as it has no interest for me. and anyway with so many being so rich, there dont seem to be any cache to being the richest anymore. any tom dick and harry can be rich nowadays. haha.

what is missing are the few who are rich and knows how to enjoy their money. i think there are very few of those people left. they have died off… haha most probably they drank themselves to an early death. 

however, i was wondering is there anything in the world that a rich person can get that is not available to everyone else and that only they can enjoy? so that it makes it worthwhile to have so much money.

what can they have that the rest of us can never hope to get or to experience? i was racking my brain trying all the outlandish situations that a really rich person can experience that is unique to them and that no one else who is not fabulously rich can ever experience.  but i cannot think of anything. maybe some one can tell us.

i dont mean sending off for oysters (or fish and chips)from the other side of the world and have it flown to you… that is just an indulgence, really, as anyone could just walk down to the nearest market, or even just order it online and buy them and have them delivered. so that is nothing unique anymore.  

something or some experience that is uniquely one rich person’s way of showing how rich they are… and i dont mean buying or commissioning the most expensive object… like 2 silly looking yachts.

 any ideas? 

added. 7.05am 8C cloudy 8.5.17 monday. here is an article about the life of a rich family. the usual lifestyle , but nothing there that makes me feel they are doing anything that is special with all that money. perhaps there just isn’t anything. after all, it is not that all that wealth will allow them to make a trip to the moon. or buy them good health. 

added. 9.02pm 15C dry. the french president election results are out, and it seems macron won and very decisively too it seems. it has been predicted and turned out to be correct. i expected it because i cannot see france voting to leave the EU. it is in too deep and also have benefited a lot from being a founding member. not to mention losing your currency is a big factor in keeping you in. that is why i dont foresee france ever leaving the EU.

greece would be better off leaving the eu, but without a currency of its own, it is too scared to take that step. in fact, i would say without a currency of its own, it is impossible for any of those countries to leave the EU. and after seeing the threats the brussels bureaucrats have thrown at uk, it will take even more courage for them to take that final step. 

it will be the first time that a french president is elected without a power base. in the past the president belonged to either one of the two parties that form the govt. its a strange system. maybe the french realise the president is irrelevant, that is why a quarter did not bother to vote. the next important post is prime minister. maybe he is the real power behind it all. who is the prime minister of france now? and which of the main parties does he belong to… he is josplin, a socialist. he is in charge of domestic policy and day to day governing. the president is in charge of foreign policy and defense. in a month there will be general election in france and that is when a president can build his power base… so macron must hope his new party gets a majority. but none of his candidates  have experience of government.

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