basmati rice is cheap again.

10 May

london 7.11am 4C sunny wednesday 2017

oops, pressed the publish button when i am not written anything yet.

 11.48am 13C sunny . i have just come back from buying this 10kg basmati rice from morrisons in camberwell. i was a bit apprehensive that it might be too heavy to manhandle in the bus what with this foot of mine. i wanted to buy 2packs , making 20kgs, but accepted that i will have to limit my ambition. so i bought just one. and it turned out to be surprisingly pleasant journey with no trouble getting on or off the bus with this load. i was using my 4 wheeled shopping trolley. (one i found in the recycle bin, and which i used to carry lots of things abandoned by people  in st james park during that big to- do when william married kate. when was that? i googled it , 29april 2011. its been very useful for carrying rice. 

Digital StillCamera

in fact, i thought i would have trouble getting it up the stairs to my first floor flat, but it was no trouble at all. i just rolled it up the stairs using the back wheel. this rice is from the punjab. i have not seen the brand before. but in all the times i have bought these reduced price basmati rice, i have never got a bad purchase. this cost £7, and must be the cheapest i have seen. the best before is 1.5.2019.

 if it cooks all right i shall go and buy some more. and stock up. interesting that this price is so low, i was half expecting rice to go up since the £ has gone down. but perhaps it is a new brand and they are trying to establish themselves. i know the other brands, which started cheap and unknown are now selling for higher. though i see asda is selling them at £8.50 for 10kg. used to be they sold for £8 a year ago. it seems around this time is the time when they do a cheap sale… before they revert to their normal price of £12.

now i realise it is easy to carry it even with my gamey foot, i shall go and buy some more. its good to go around this time, early morning, the buses are less crowded, whereas if i go around 3pm, i hit the big rush when the schools close and the school kids just crowd the buses. 

added. 3.13pm. looking at my past record, i see in aug 2016 i bought 2 packs of 10kg basmati rice for £6.50 each. so that is the lowest. i have just  started to cook the new rice i bought. just to see if it is good. if so i might buy 3packs. edit. the rice does not look like the previous basmati rice. so i think i shall not buy any more of this one. first time i am dubious about the quality of this rice. ah well, i suppose there must be a time when costs mounts too high to sustain the quality. 

added. 10.35am thursday 11.5.17. i shall give it another chance and cook another batch. my rice cooker failed and switched off prematurely that time when i tested the first batch. so it might be that which explains why the rice did not come out right. i have since made fried rice out of it, and it is fine. but seems to be much more fluffy and fat than usual basmati rice. 

added thursday 11.5.17 went to asda and bought their £3.80 for 5kg salaam brand basmati rice. it is their ramadan special offer. i have bought this brand before. i bought 3packs, 15kg total, and managed to get it back to my flat. this time i was lucky to meet a neighbour living in the flat above, and he helped me carry it up the stairs. it would be quite a struggle otherwise. and both times in the bus, two people helped me get off the bus with it. the last one was esp helpful, as the bus stopped so far from the kerb, i could not straddle it with my trolley. so the man who offered to help had to  lift it completely off the bus. 15kg of it, i hope he did not get a hernia. i have to warn him, because i know a lot of people will not realise that if not lifted properly u can do yourself a lot of damage. and it is just not worth getting a hernia for something like this. not that there is any occasion where it  is ever worthwhile getting a hernia in the first place haha. 


2 Responses to “basmati rice is cheap again.”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday May 10, 2017 at 9:09 am #

    It happens 😉

  2. alifesgayventure Wednesday May 10, 2017 at 9:18 am #

    i saw a person writing in detail about her ocd, (obsessive compulsive disorder) showing what it is like for her, and showing her behaviour. and thought of posting the link, but then i realised mental health is really personal and not really helpful for others to comment about it. those people are trapped in their own world. it is mental health week that is why there is a spat of such articles appearing about now.

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