battersea power station, now and then

11 May

Digital StillCameralondon 11.26am 16C sunny. thursday 2017

saw a post about the insides of the battersea power station and what it looks like now. i had wanted to see it for myself but could not do it because of my foot. its interesting to see what they had done to it. i had visited it long ago when they let local residents in to look at their plans and to comment on it.

and this new pics of what it is like now prompted me to search for it in my blog. i was surprised there was a link to smilebox where i posted the pics i took. i have forgotten i put my pics in there.  now i wish i had taken more pics of the inside…it only appears in the first few seconds at the beginning… instead of so many pics of the outside. but really when u do go to see it, there is not much to see inside. haha. but still, i should have sort of taken pics as i walk in and about, snapping away all the time, or even made a video of it. just goes to show i am not a good person to record things for posterity. i find the insides long ago was more interesting that now. here is the link to my post dated 8.11.2011. there is a link to the smilebox slides in that post. have patience, it takes a bit of time to upload. (or maybe it is just my slow broadband connection). here is a direct link to the smilebox in case the above link does not work. hope they dont make u register. haha.

added 13.5.17 saturday. today i read a guardian article about it.

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