london’s weather is ideal

12 May

london 2.36pm 18C clouds/rain/sun friday 2017

its warm, but getting everything… rain, clouds, sun, haha. quite a nice day actually. we get a bit of everything but never so much that each outstays its welcome. to me, its ideal.

i have lived here in london many years now and it has gradually dawned on me that london has the best weather… i even  dare to say it has ideal weather,  because of a day like today, and what is more, it is nice all year round. its winters are very mild, summers are never swelteringly hot, and spring and autumn are so variable, they can go to extremes without it going off the scale. a cold spell in spring or autumn never gets to be a killer, nor if there is a hot spell, it is never that hot. when the headlines say there will be a heatwave, in spring… it means it goes up to 22C. haha and that is nothing really when places can get 40C as a daily temperature. i personally think temperatures in the 30s are unbearably hot, esp when they last for days on end.

i daresay this ideal weather in london can be said to apply to  the south of england too. though i dont have any personal experience of it. all those expats who travel the world searching for the ideal place may well find that in the end, the south of england is best.

2 Responses to “london’s weather is ideal”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday May 12, 2017 at 3:40 pm #

    I envy your ideal weather as it is so hot in lil red dot!! 😊

    • alifesgayventure Friday May 12, 2017 at 7:15 pm #

      i know, i used to like the weather in as a kid i never felt it was too hot. never felt airconditioning is needed, but now i do get bothered by the heat. i wonder why? is it because children are more adaptable? or what? or is it really so that it is hotter now than when we were kids. i grew up in different places whereas maybe u have been in singapore most of your life, so has it grown hotter since u were little?

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