a quiet day

17 May

london 10.29am cloudy 17C wednesday 2017

rather a peaceful morning here. in fact it is usually peaceful here haha.

simon did a good cleaning of the flat recently, so everything looks nice now. its very nice to have someone else do the cleaning. haha.

and the foot is healing well, swelling going down, bruising gradually disappearing, to be replaced by normal looking skin. at one stage it got so dark the skin, i was afraid i got gangrene, but i could feel the foot and the area, so it cannot be gangrene. and i can wriggle my toes now so motor function is coming back. and what is a good sign… it does not hurt when i wriggle the toes.

i am still not putting any weight on the foot, as i want it to be completely stress free. as with any fracture, the treatment is completely no pressure on it is the secret to it healing quickly… the body will do the rest of the work, and do its magic in repairing the fracture. so it is crucial i do not put any weight on it.

so i have been using the crutches in the flat, and when i go out and also  wearing the surgical boot. i am glad to be more mobile now with those two aids. i can get about quite nimbly so much so that i am seriously considering going to the battersea powerstation do during the coming bank holiday weekend. they have been having these functions tempting us with activities for children, and free coffee, once they even have a free pop up sourdough pizza. but that is over now, so not going to have it this coming bank holiday. but even so if we get fine weather end of this month, i might go there.

there is heavy rain forecast today which makes me reluctant to go out. i was thinking of going to the library, but i shall go tomorrow i think, when it wont rain. it is supposed to be raining heavily now, 100% chance of precipitation, they said. haha. but looking out of the window, there is no rain. just goes to show… their predictions are not always accurate for your area. 

added.8.50pm 14C. rain. i took two naps, and woke up to see it rain. so that is good, people may not like it to rain, but if what they say about a drought is correct, this rain, and more of it, may get rid of it. what a perfect weather system, when it seems like there will be shortage of water, it starts to rain a lot. that i think is just perfect. 

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