olden days

18 May

london 5.57am 9C cloudy/sunny thursday 2017

interesting things that the internet can throw up. i had this posted by twistedsifter on my wordpress reader. a carved lion from a single tree trunk, and may be the longest such carving. the previous holder was this carved tree trunk depicting the scenes in a famous chinese scroll painting featuring scenes along the river during ching ming. and it led me to see the wikipedia entry showing the scroll and it is possible to enlarge it and see it in great detail… something which i would imagine is quite difficult to do with the original scroll. there seem to be a lot of commerce going on, with people buying and selling, and transporting stuff, and also a lot of restaurants with tables set out for customers to eat. in fact there is no scenes of people eating or cooking in their own homes…it would seem all the buildings lining the river bank are commercial buildings no private housing at all. maybe the old days are not so different from nowadays where commerce will take over the river banks and only the rich can afford to build housing with water views.

Ching ming is when people clean the graves and happen around 4-5april. interesting that in the scroll all the trees are bare of leaves. and this is in april, does it mean winter lasts till then in the old days? (more likely that city is quite far north and so winter is later there) and no scenes of anyone cleaning graves in that scroll painting. it looks like any ordinary day in fact…nothing special to distinguish it as ching ming. makes u wonder why it was titled a day in ching ming. (i know they spell it with qing ming. but i really cannot pronounce anything beginning with q. and for that matter anything with x either. ) for an english speaker, the q is pronounced like que, as in queen, queer, queue. so qing would be pronounced quing. i wonder who first determines the transfer of chinese words into the alphabet. to introduce x, q, is crazy.


2 Responses to “olden days”

  1. MELewis Thursday May 18, 2017 at 7:46 am #

    Fascinating sculpture! Did not know about about Qing Ming but it is an interesting tradition.

    • alifesgayventure Thursday May 18, 2017 at 7:55 am #

      in our family, it is the day we go to the family grave to tidy it. dont recall there was anything else about it, no special foods, or anything. graveyards in malaysia dont have caretakers or gardeners to keep the area clear.

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