20 May

london 2.21pm rain 16.6C saturday 2017

6.26pm 15.6C dry sunny. a quiet day for me, though from the papers, its wedding day for kate’s little sister. put that way, u might think who is kate, and why the fuss over her sister’s wedding? and you would be right. it should be just another society wedding of no interest to anyone other than those involved. but somehow it has ended up in the papers with wide press coverage.

perhaps it is a slow news day. it must be really difficult to put out a newspaper everyday and try to fill it with news. most days it will be rather trivial stuff. something we readers should bear in mind, when we read the newspapers. a lot of stuff there will be to fill up blank spaces.

if u take your own life as an example, you can see a lot of time nothing much happens. haha.

today the only thing that was unusual was a chap on a bike with a attachment carrying his stuff offering to give me a lift when i was walking to the library from the main road. rather nice of him, but i was thinking i would fall off if i were to sit perched at the back …haha.

but we got to talking, and he told me we humans are ruining the planet. he said he was arrested for riding his bike on the motorway. it seems it is illegal to do so. and when u think of it , it is logical, and a law made to protect foolish bikers rather than inconvenience them. but i dont think he sees it that way. haha. to him it is another example of authorities restricting the freedom of individuals.

he was concerned about the environment , saying we humans are killing it, and ruining our planet and he say in 20yrs time when he reaches 70, he expects a lot of species will be extinct. i must say i kind of implied, well so what? unless we have a nuclear war, or a meteorite hits us, it wont be a catastrophe.   as for species going extinct, well plenty have come and gone over the years, it is what nature do… (hence, my casual, so what?) and we are foolish to think we must save them all, esp if they are cute and cuddly. haha. the dynamics of life on earth is just that, species comes and goes, rise and fall, they have their time on the stage of life, and then they go, having played their part.

i suppose we humans too will one day go extinct, or else we evolve into something entirely different… and i dont mind at all.

but he does not see it that way. we had a bit of chat by the road side, and he brought up that people were only living for today, with not a thought for tomorrow… i did remind him that the gurus do advocate that kind of life. live for the now… be totally present in the now … so it is not a bad way of life.

i can well believe some might agree with him that that philosophy is putting your heads in the sand whilst the earth goes to hell. if everyone lives for the now, they will say, the world will go to hell in a handcart. 

but i have to, of course, get on with my life, so i wish him a good life and went on to the library. haha. 

yesterday i got a phone call from my friend. initially i put the phone down on him, because when i pick up the phone and said hello, there was complete silence, so as is my usual custom, thinking it can only be one of those nuisance callers, i hang up. but it seems it was him, and he text me, and then called me again. it seems he called because he wanted to warn me against filling up a survey sent to us in the malaysian in uk group that i introduced him to recently. he seems to think it is a scam to get your details and grab your personal info. i told him it is just their way of trying to find out who are interested in volunteering but he will have none of it. funny he should be so concerned now, considering that scam calls have been going on for ages. i mean why else would i put the phone down on him. he was telling me off for doing so, and when i explained to him why, he still did not see the connection, that i am well aware of these scammers. maybe he has just discovered the wheel as it were. haha. i think a friend had recently alerted him to it, and so he is galvanised because he has found something new to him… rather unusual not to be aware of it . i used to think everyone must be aware of these scammers now, but it seems i am wrong. there are still some who are in the dark about it.

though i think there are also some who go the other way and act like everything is a scam… like the old couple who tell me they dont use the freedom pass, because it pries into their movement and they dont want anyone to know it. they say they want to preserve their privacy… well, i thought that is overreacting… but there you are. if they can afford to refuse  to get free stuff, i suppose good for them… haha. perhaps it is people like them that makes the freedom pass affordable to the govt so that they dont end up abolishing it, or means testing it. 

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