just some thoughts

21 May

london 2.46pm 18C sunny sunday 2017

9.02pm 18C interesting that it has remained this temperature for so long. the sun is just setting now. or according to the weather website, sunset is 8.54pm, but there is still a glow in the western horizon.

i just saw a tv program link in bbc4.

with new findings about what caused the death of king tut. and it seems he inherited a family condition, due to the brother- sister marriages of his grandfather and his father to their sisters. he got temporal lobe epilepsy which can lead to falls, and violent movements  resulting in his knee fracture, which killed him at age 19yrs. previously they thought it was due to a chariot accident, but he got club foot which makes it very painful to walk, nevermind stand on one of those chariots when it is going full pelt.

incest is very bad for the  children of such unions. i think the pharaohs are a special case. i think they are unique, in that they marry brother -sister. 

 coming down to modern days, first cousin marriages  are the problem with the bangladesh community in uk, amongst others, because they marry their first cousins, there have been many medical problems of children born to these marriages.  and i remember reading an article about it, one prominent person pointing it out,  and its strain on the nhs, and being criticised for it by the bangladesh community in uk. but i cannot find that article again. first cousin marriages are legal in uk. 

luckily for me, the chinese dont do close cousin marriages. in fact, there have even been some against marriages with the same surname… though that is going a bit extreme, though they have got the principle right. 

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