a quiet life, nothing happening, and glad of it.

25 May

london 8.45pm 20C dry still very bright. tuesday 2017

this was two days ago, and since then dont seem to have anything to say.

6.43pm london 22.4C(highest 26.5C sunny today ) thursday 2017

i dont seem to have anything to say. haha. so i shall just ramble on and just talk of nothing at all.

yesterday i thought of buying a lottery ticket, because the newspaper says there must be a winner, when they hit £25million jackpot, they are not allowed to rollover. so if there is no 6 numbers winner, it will go to the next slot, 5numbers plus the bonus number. i actually hobbled all the way to the corner sainsburys near me, to buy it but along the way there i had a time to think about it, and decided there is no point my buying it, if i dont win it is a waste of money, and if i win, it is too much bother. i dont really know what to do with that much money nor do i need it. so i just wandered around in the store, looking at such a lot of people buying stuff…the prices here are much higher than in the big sainsbury stores.

 it was the lunch hour, at about 12.30pm and really so full of people buying things, and long queues to the self service tills. where did they go in the past when there was no sainsburys here ? it has only been here for a short time, (by that i mean about what? lesss than a year, i think)and allready it is so busy. i think it is on the main bus route so is very visible. whereas the old tesco store that has been here for ages is hidden among the back street, and so have not captured so much business of the hordes of civil servants who work in the  home office complex nearby. i am sure it must have destroyed a lot of business to the other small shops in the area. i kind of sympathise with them, esp a small shop inside the grosvernor estate, which features buildings designed by lutyens, (believed me i had to google his name several times because i forgot how to spell his name). those buildings have a checker board look on the outside, because of black and white bricks he used. he was more famous for designing the buildings and layout of  new delhi. but that small shop used to be busy when there are no other grocery shops nearby… but i think its business must be devastated.  

earlier, i had waited ages at the bus for the 88, thinking i shall go to brixton to seek out the community fridge that i was told by this blogger in her comment on a post i made. it gives away fresh food and don’t means test those to whom it hands out the free food. but the bus was so late, i saw 3 bus 88 and 2 bus C10 coming along on the opposite side of the road going towards trafalgar square, and 2 bus C10 coming this side. so i decided not to bother going and that was when i decided to walk to the sainsburys to buy the lottery ticket which i did not get. so that day, it was yesterday ,was a day of aborted things.

today, it was a toss up whether i should go to brixton, or go to morrisons in camberwell, and morrisons won… i wanted to buy pork, which they are selling at the cheapest price, £2.66/kg, so that was where i went. brixton will have to wait another day.

perhaps i shall go tomorrow, because the chili that simon bought from sainsburys, (such a small amount, only 100mg and costing 90p, and it is not even hot). is very quickly depleting and i will need to go to brixton to top up. so i shall check out this food handout place whilst i am there.

oh, look i have managed to fill out the post. i wonder if others too are having a quiet time… perhaps most people are, and rather glad of it, better a quiet life than all the horrible deaths inflicted by that bomb in manchester that is even now filling the pages of the newspapers and the website columns.

so i am sure we appreciate our quiet life with nothing happening and are grateful for it. 


2 Responses to “a quiet life, nothing happening, and glad of it.”

  1. MELewis Friday May 26, 2017 at 9:03 am #

    If you win the lottery and it is too much trouble, I will take it!

    • alifesgayventure Friday May 26, 2017 at 9:31 am #

      ya, that is what i was thinking of doing, in that i shall give the money away and to me, it just make it pointless to buy a ticket.

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