prelude to the bank holiday

26 May

london 21.3C, night now, high of 32.3C but i think it must be a glitch. i was out at the time it was that high, but i did not feel it was that hot. friday 2017

i was on the way to brixton,about 11am and bought my fresh chilli, and got a leaflet from a booth set up to advertise their weekend event, something related to a nation wide celebration of the local market. they called it enjoy your local market. there was  one of those bands using tin drums was playing on the street , with kids drumming the drums. and they promised salsa dancing and lots of stuff. 

if u can read all that.

i had a look at the community fridge, but it was quite empty so it looks like it can be a bit of pot luck, whether someone had made a delivery that day  and if u are lucky to arrive just after they do, otherwise it might be quite often that when u do go there, it is empty. that is what happens if u let any one take things out. haha. still, it is a good idea, and i think perfect for local people who can simply check it out without needing to make a long journey there.

i daresay up and down the land, people are making an effort to do something during this long weekend. there are quite a lot of street food festivals.

one in carnaby st on june 3 does not require paid entry. the local restaurants just dish up £5 food, and they provide long tables for diners. i remember last year they have free icecream to give away. it is always well attended as it is so central. 

there is a evening standard sponsored street festival at various venues, that do require tickets to enter.. and i presume must include food , maybe vouchers to spend on the caterers taking part. otherwise i cant see why they should charge an entry price. i think it is £15, so presumably u will get 3 vouchers. there seem to be an agreed consensus that they cost about £5.  street food seems to be a theme now. 

added. 9.35am saturday 27.5.17. i see their advert in yesterday’s standard paper, and no mention of vouchers for the food. so it looks like that £15 is just to enter the place. they mention DJs, making music so i guess that is what u are paying for. they mention a cinema, but no mention if u have to pay extra to see the films there.

near me, in pimlico, near the tesco, there is a street that is closed to traffic where they set up food stalls during lunch time every day and sell to office workers , and most of the food costs about £5 or less. there is a kebab stall that is very popular and lookng at their food, even i am tempted…haha. maybe they are providing competition to the chain restaurants like subway, macdonalds… subway is promoting £5 foot long lunch including drinks, and snacks. u can get the coupons in the metro free newspaper.

though making your own lunch really is still the cheapest. with £5 u can get a whole chicken, plus enough left to buy bread and salads and last u a lot of lunches rather than just one. to roast a chicken is so easy to do.

but i do know it is really tempting when u see it in the coupon adverts. i mean i get tempted to cut out the coupons, though i never redeem them… and i guess a lot of people may get a bit bored with eating their own food, and want to just buy these, after all, quite a lot of fun of eating out is just letting others prepare it and serve you with it. i am not like that, but then i have often got the feeling that i am an alien, i dont feel like what other human beings feel… i wonder if i am an alien, stranded here in this earth? haha.  


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