salt is good for you, it seems

28 May

london 6.28pm rain 20.8C sunday 2017.

we all know of u turns when it comes to health advise, and it seems the latest one is salt. it seems it is good for you. suger is now the culprit.

most of us must have wondered, if we ever did question it, when we see nature programs where animals actively go looking for salt licks. it is a familiar nature program that shows animals gathering or travel miles just to access a place where they can lick salt. it does makes u ask why do we get advise telling us salt is bad for us. we know salt is necessary… we know we get cramps if we exercise a lot and sweat a lot, and then drink lots of water without salt… sodium is necessary for life. and yet we get bombarded with health advise telling us we eat too much salt and that makes us have high blood pressure, with all the attendant bad things that happen when we have high blood pressure.

except now they tell us salt is not the cause of raised blood pressure. it just goes to show that we humans think we know everything about science, it explains everything we think, but actually we dont really know much. haha.

the new culprit is suger, they say suger is not necessary for life…in one sense that is true in that we dont have to eat suger… it is because the body can produce glucose from carbohydrates… starchy foods… though eating potatoes is not as much fun as eating chocolates. haha.

from our track record of getting things wrong, and having to backtrack or make uturns with our health advise, i would take that condemnation of suger with a pinch of salt too. even though it does make a bit of sense, in that our bodies can make glucose so there is no need to eat the stuff. but if u go on the logic that if the body breaks carbohydrates into glucose, so it makes it,  it must be necessary… the only difference from sodium is that the body can make it out of other foodstuffs, so in that sense it does not need us to eat it. like vit D, it can make it so no need really to eat vit D, or foods rich in it… though foods in its complex form has lots of other things, like trace elements, minerals etc. eating the pure form may not be that useful. 

the question really is how much is too much… and that must vary with the individual’s circumstances… it seems to me that blanket advise is not helpful. dont eat this dont eat that, or eating more than x gm is not good, or the opposite advise, eating more than x gms is good.

i think the most useful advise is dont let your weight balloon more than x amount for your age and height. that might be the most useful advise for everyone and the exception to my saying blanket advise is not needed for everyone. i would say that is the most useful advise for everyone. carrying a lot of weight is a huge strain on every organ and system in the body. i would say your weight is a sign of how healthy you are. try to be as slim as possible without going the other extreme and be anorexic. and how to stay within the weight range? just dont eat so much…

maybe a good rule of thumb is eat everything, and as much as u like but within meal times, and keep it to just one dish…no starters, nor desserts. (and cut it down to two meals a day if u cannot control yourself ). and dont snack between meals. perhaps have fruits in between if u cannot help yourself  and want something in the mouth.

for myself , i eat porridge for breakfast, and then whenever i am hungry. so no set meal times. porridge is so filling, i dont feel hungry till 4pm, when i can eat a big one dish meal, and then nothing till next day. or some days another lighter meal at about 8pm. and that is it. i dont think of eating again. today i had porridge at about 8am, and now i just ate 2 scrambled eggs when i woke up and it is about 7pm… i think i might eat a one dish meal (veg and pork over rice)again later tonight and that would be it. 

4 Responses to “salt is good for you, it seems”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Sunday May 28, 2017 at 10:14 pm #

    We certainly don’t have to add salt to our food if we eat any kind of canned goods or microwaveable food. Such things have outlandish amounts of salt. Yes sugar is the monster. In US labels on food show chemical nutritional content in % of a normal daily diet. But for sugar they show grams. I think scientists and mathematicians know what grams are but few others in US do. For an adult male say 180 “pounds ” about 40 grams a day is acceptable limit. What people don’t know that that amount can be found in one single non diet soda drink. The prepared food and drink industry is making everyone susceptible to becoming diabetic and suffer obesity by age 25 or less.

    • alifesgayventure Monday May 29, 2017 at 4:59 am #

      its funny in a way how different foods get to be bogey man. at one time it was fat, then salt, now suger. 40gms of suger a day sounds like a lot, u must mean 4gms surely…that would be a teaspoonful. otherwise are u saying recommended dose a day is like 10 teaspoonsful of suger a day?i think if they just ban fizzy drinks they will instantly reduce all the kids consumption of suger at a stroke.
      remember also G/Gm, and g/gm. can be very confusing to people. G = 1000g. not used much nowadays because Kg used instead.

  2. MELewis Monday May 29, 2017 at 5:19 am #

    Good advice to keep the weight down, but don’t forget exercise! It’s important to keep moving, even if just walking. Too many people are sedentary and won’t even walk a few blocks if they don’t have to.

    • alifesgayventure Monday May 29, 2017 at 5:29 am #

      since i got this broken foot, i have been observing old people with crutches and i realise just walking about the house, climbing stairs,any daily activities is exercise and is important, but it is important to do strengthening exercises too. and stretching. that is why tai chi is such a good exercise to do. if u dont do tai chi, crucial to exercise with weights, to strengthen the muscles, u can lose muscle mass if u dont exercise it.

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