ways people spend this bank holiday

29 May

london 7.47pm 19.8C cloudy bank holiday monday 2017

on the bus back and coming to my stop, near tate millbank, i noticed there are lots of cars trying to park, or waiting to let someone leave so that they can quickly grab that space and so parking the car on the road and blocking the bus with everyone patiently waiting , no one blasting their horn or anything. haha.  very polite of them. it seems today is the day when people try to get their dose, perhaps the annual one, of culture. so they visit art galleries, and stately homes, and museums. it is a cheap day out too if they visit museums and places like the tate galleries. this one near me is a small one, when u compare it to the monster that is the tate modern at bankside. there, u can even take a look at modern living watching the exhibits of rich people living their lives in their flats that the viewing gallery overlooks. i think that is rather fun, but it might be curtailed if the lawsuit that the rich flatowners is launching at the tate is successful. i guess if u are in the country, by which i mean if u dont live in london… haha… u will be visiting a stately home.

i myself spent today going to chinatown. normally i would avoid that area as there is a running marathon on, but because of it, i found out that the 88 is diverted to run by a more direct route to picadilly, by passing trafalgar square, so the journey there was swift. i wanted to buy black soyasauce and curry powder; but whilst i was there i saw they had reduced coconut cream in cans… 20p each, because its sell by date was on 9th june. and curry powder for 50p, again because of the sell by date coming so close. so i bought 7 packs of curry powder. and 2 cans of the coconut… and thinking maybe i should have bought more of the coconut. haha.

i do like the sell by dates regulation which makes them have to sell it cheap.

and coming back i decided to take the C2 when it came rather than the 88… later i found out in the tfl website, that because of a demonstration march, they have curtailed the 88, breaking it up into two portions, cutting out the central bit entirely. but only between the times that demo was on, 12pm-6pm. 

well, it was a pleasant way of spending this bank holiday. for me anyway. instead of fighting with everyone to see the museum or art gallery paintings.

and watching tv haha. (i sometimes wonder if tv have changed the habits of people, make them stay indoors more… )

right now there is this program about margarine carving. it seems u can carve margarine but not butter. as we all know butter melts outside the fridge, at least in summer, whilst i dont know about margarine. does it melt outside the fridge? perhaps not, that is why they can carve it and leave it outside.

the program is actually wanting to find out what makes spreadable butter so soft even if you keep it in the fridge. he asked if spreadable butter is made of marge. well, it seems because it is a half half butter/ rapeseed oil, they cannot call it butter. i googled it and found this article which says it is very easy to make your own spreadable butter. and reading it , it really is easy. and it seems it is easy to make your own butter too. its quite possible a lot of us dont like to mix butter with rapeseed oil, as we like the taste of just butter. and so am willing to put up with the inconvenience of hard butter. if u put it on toast, when it comes right out of the toaster, and is still hot, u can have your melted butter. 


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