an idle life

31 May

london 4.53pm 22.2C cloudy wednesday 2017

yesterday, i had a really long sleep. went to bed at about 9pm and slept till about 9.30am this morning. hmm, it is rare to sleep for 12 hrs and i really love it. so restful.

and that is why i did not blog yesterday. not that there was anything to say haha. i went to sainsburys and bought a chicken just to make a curry out of it to try out the  curry pack that i bought recently. hmm, not enough chili in it, so i shall add chili powder next time. i do like a spicy hot curry.

today is also the same, uneventful. and very peaceful just enjoying the day and having no plans, or obligations. i have a feeling many people get a bit restless, anxious , if they dont have anything planned. they cannot handle a day when there is nothing they need to do. just sit back and enjoy it.

but i think many get really stressed about it, feeling they are missing something, or that their life is not exciting enough, or they are wasting their life, that they are stagnating. it seems to me that society has imprinted this into everyone’s minds. society frowns on an idle life.


One Response to “an idle life”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday June 1, 2017 at 1:52 am #

    A simply good read. You are lucky to have such a contented life. Simple and nice! I am happy for you and wish the same for myself one day. 😊

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