choir boys singing

10 Jun

london 8.08pm 21.1C sunny saturday 2017

its a lovely day today. my friend john who has come to visit me invited me to a lunch carried out by this group he is a member of, the campaign to conserve traditional choir which is trying to keep all male choirs. there is the trend to open up the choir to girls… and the churches are losing their all male choirs. and the group is saying to its members in the agm that came after the lunch, recital and tea, that many churches are reluctant to accept donations from the group, for fear of being called misogynist, or worse.

it does look like a tradition of all boys’ choirs may be on the path to extinction. it is a pity, because boys voices have a unique quality… before the voice breaks. just like in the old days where they try to preserve the pre pubertal male singing voice by castrating the boys… producing a special group of singers castrati, we are now seeing the end of boys choirs and losing this tradition of boys’ choirs.

u could say it is progress… and times change where somethings just do not conform to our modern sensibilities. but i do hope this group is able to halt the decline… the thing is even if the boys join the choir at 8yrs old, when their voice breaks they have to leave the choir anyway… it is so ephemeral and transcient… a short moment in the life of a boy… i remember once hearing a solo boy singing in the westminster cathedral,a long time ago when i was still doing tourist things; i just happened to be there as a tourist, and it was so hauntingly beautiful. to this day, i dont know who that boy was… because the voice was coming from everywhere it seems and i could not pinpoint it. the acoustics in that cathedral was very good.

actually, i only agree to join him because of the lunch… and tea… haha. it was a change for me, it is something i would not normally do. 

2 Responses to “choir boys singing”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday June 11, 2017 at 12:59 am #

    I remember the Vienna Boys Choir that went on world tour. Amazing voices.

    • alifesgayventure Sunday June 11, 2017 at 6:19 am #

      i have not heard them sing, but i have heard of them, but cannot remember in what context. are they still in existence? well, i googled them and see that they still do exist. i wonder if they have ever been pressured to bring in girls. they must go through huge numbers of boys who come and go when their voice breaks. i wonder what the boys feel about their career being over at such a young age after all the adulation and praise during their time with the boys choir.
      i think the boys in the choir which i heard in st botolph at the agm just take it in their stride as another curriculum to their education. my friend says they get scholarships if they join the choir, and so they get their education paid for even after their voice breaks and they have to leave the choir. so for them, it is not a great disruption to their life.

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