life goes on

11 Jun

london 6.07pm 20.9C sunny sunday 2017

i was at the paddington library this morning and the librarian said to me that i come often ,(he has noticed, i see, though i only go there on sundays; but i suppose it makes me a regular) and asked me if i would want them to buy the daily and sunday telegraph instead of the dailymail and mail on sunday. i said i want the mail on sunday. haha. so it seems i have decided for everyone else. haha. but i am glad that i have fixed it. much prefer the daily mail to the telegraph.

I have noticed this curious fact… old people seem to like reading the daily mail. at least where the library copy is concerned. practically everyone reading the dailymail there are old folks, and they seem to read every word and slowly so they are hunched over the paper and keep it for a long time… they even linger over the adverts… sometimes the second half of the paper is just adverts but they would faithfully devour every word there. it is the only paper that elicits such a reaction. 

what is so fascinating about it i wonder, or is it just them falling asleep over the page. who knows really with old people whose eyelids are allready overshadowing and falling over their eyes anyway, so u cannot tell if they are awake or not. and that is how they are able to fool the librarian when they come round looking to wake up miscreants, as you are not supposed to sleep in the library.

i find all the newspapers rather boring now. what with them all talking about the election results and speculating… i find , (i am sure much to the horror to my old self), that i sometimes skip reading the papers entirely… you might well ask if i am feeling alright… me who used to read them faithfully …

at the least the dailymail sometimes have interesting articles… but i value it for its points that i can accumulate to exchange for money vouchers to spend in supermarkets. though that is going to change when they change it to nectar points.

john has come to stay with me for the weekend, and in our conversations, i noticed that we have stopped taping tv programs to see later. even he… that shows the small changes that have come to alter our habits which we have thought will be set in stone. now we discard them without even missing them. how quickly we adjust. i wonder what other old set ways i have discarded without even realising it. 

2 Responses to “life goes on”

  1. Garfield Hug Monday June 12, 2017 at 3:10 am #

    Nice of the librarian to ask for your choice! 👍

    • alifesgayventure Monday June 12, 2017 at 8:27 am #

      it is nice to know that i am considered a regular to that branch, and to have my views considered. i am sure he must have asked all the others too, though it is a biased selection.if he only asks us who take the daily mail, it is very likely we will all want to continue with it. haha. so not a really scientific sample. but then, the choice to limit the numbers of newspapers they take has also been taken without a poll. i suppose we just go along with whatever they decide.

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