13 Jun

london 9pm 22.5C dry tuesday 2017

i read earlier today from the telegraph that there has been a glut of british strawberrys, so much it seems that they say tesco is selling it for £3 per kg. and asda 700mg for £2.50. i am glad i read it because when i went to the tesco later tonight they were selling the old stock at the old price.

it was 400mg for £2. 600mg for £3. and what is more due to expire tomorrow, or 15th june. so i did not buy them. most probably tomorrow they will be reduced as they expire then.

it seems the new strawberrys price will be in store on saturday according to that article. but i think it might start appearing in the store on thursday, because i get the impression that the stores change their shelves and stock up with new goods on thursdays.

i am glad that the free market makes it possible to bring the prices down when there is a glut, instead of destroying the fruits, by letting them rot in the fields, or even trashing them just to keep it scarce and to keep the price up. not so long ago europe have done that, creating butter mountains, wine lakes, and destroying them or just pouring them away to keep prices up. i wonder if it is bringing back those practises, or that it has kept those practices but hidden them so well…

in the same tesco tonight, there were small chillis from kenya being reduced from £1.60 for 250mg to 24p. i took 3packs and would like to take more but others were also grabbing them. haha. small chillis are so much hotter so that is what we go for,  for those of us who like our chillis hot.  they can be frozen and keep for ages, so it does not matter that those chillis’  best -before- date is today. so now i got 3 full containers of chillis in my freezer. should last me some time.


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