high rise fire in a tower block in london

14 Jun

the two cherries that i had hoped to eat , but this morning i see someone else has picked them and presumably ate them. haha. i ate one before this. this is a rare cherry tree that not only have blossoms but fruit as well.

london 1.17pm 25.4C sunny wednesday 2017


feels hotter, i was waiting at the bus stop, and the wave of heat bowling towards me makes me think of the mediterranean. i was thinking it is very nice, in small doses; but also thinking glad that it does not happen often nor for long in uk as this kind of heat means that if prolonged everything will dry out, and plants will wither and grass die, and turn the ground to dust and that means the wind will whip it up into dust blowing all over the place. you see that in france or spain, and it can be really uncomfortable. it just adds more discomfort to the high heat allready from the relentless sun. 

i used to think what a dull life i must seem to lead when u read my blog, talking of things like free meals, and shopping bargains like the chillis yesterday, until simon showed me in his laptop this morning about this resident tower block in west london going up in flames. all the floors are affected and report of people dying and unable to escape. and then i am glad i dont have to have that happening to me and all my excitement is simple things like those.

this tower block fire is unusual, in that usually one flat catches fire and it is confined to that flat alone, or maybe the one above it and that is it. the fire is usually limited. this one must have really bad fire walls, as it seems it started on a 2nd floor flat and spread rapidly throughout all the floors.

and this fire reminds me of the reason why i dont like living in high rise, even though many are now considered luxury places to live. how to escape a high rise is something none of them have been able to allay my fears on that score. though i suppose modern high rise must have good fire walls that prevent any fire from spreading. but i dont think i will bet on it, as i have seen fire spreading fast in some high rise fires in dubai. 




2 Responses to “high rise fire in a tower block in london”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday June 15, 2017 at 7:10 am #

    Sorry to hear of the high rise fire. Coverage here said it was odd for entire building to be engulfed and suspect the cladding fueled the fire perhaps. As for the cherries, I would have plucked it when you took the photo as it was ripe for the picking! Ha ha greedy me just thinking 😉

    • alifesgayventure Thursday June 15, 2017 at 7:57 am #

      the day before, i should have plucked it haha. it looks like there is another person here who is not afraid to eat cherry off a tree. it is actually the first time i seen a cherry from these cherry blossoms trees. they are ornamental trees grown for their floral display and never bear fruit in london.so no one here has formed a habit of plucking fruit off a tree. (except me and at least another person here haha) now i come to think of it, all those cherry blossoms in japan, they never bear fruits too. or we would have news of the bountiful harvest of cherries and they might even organise a yearly event where the public can gather to harvest and eat the cherries. but we dont hear of it, so i guess the flowers are sterile. how they can get to breed a sterile species is a wonder to me. tidy people who plant trees for ornaments dont like fruits on trees… they like the flowers for show but fruits are too messy.
      as for the fire, it has recently been refurbished in may2016, with cladding to improve its appearance… so it would seem that might explain it. it is odd for an entire building to go up like this… but only recently have it been happening, with dubai buildings for eg…makes u suspect they are putting up cheap inflammable cladding to make it look pretty.

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