might it be a record high temperature today?

18 Jun

london 28.7C (it was 31.5C at about 4pm) 8.21pm now sunday 2017

it must be a record high today. i expect the newspapers will be talking of it tomorrow. and maybe monday hitting a further high.

i was out at about 12pm. and also at about 3pm. went to the library in paddington, and later to the pimlico library to print out the voucher for a free breakfast bun for monday given by primeburger in their monday giveaway, ( i had expected another free hamburger, but i guess that is too much to expect them giving out one every monday. i think the next monday might be free chips… still there are a lot of mondays in june and july during the whole period of this promotion…so there might be another one with a free hamburger. )

and experienced this heat. most of the time i was in the bus or the library so i cannot say i was out all the time, far less sunbathing in the sun. must be mad to sunbathe in this heat. but the little community garden near my flat have people picnicking on the grass, and two men were sunbatheing. with long shorts on too, which is silly, if u are going to sunbathe, should wear as little as possible… or u will have a ghastly white middle bit bisecting two burnt legs and upper torso. haha.

but i was not out in the open all the time, so maybe that might explain why i was not very uncomfortable with it.

on the way back from the paddington library, at hydepark corner, i saw they have closed the road to piccadilly, and looking down it i saw the huge towering structure of the juggernaut that the hara krishna people always use when they have this procession to trafalgar square for their annual festival. usually it is held the sunday after the naked bike ride on saturday… so it should have been on 11june. i thought i had missed it, but they are on today… but i decided to skip going there because i dont fancy it with all this heat… they give out real nice herb infused tea and a free meal and lots of bottled water i remember, but this heat is not going to be comfortable. (oh, i just realised that i must have just missed them when they were stopping all traffic at the hyde park corner junction. so that was lucky not to be stuck in the bus waiting for the tail of the procession to clear.)

i suppose when people ask me years later what did i do during the record heat on 18th june 2017 i shall have to say lamely… that i was indoors in my flat with the curtains drawn to keep out the sun and that at about 6pm i slept through it all. haha. interestingly my hay fever was not bad. strange that.

the libraries were blessedly cool i remember, so was the waitrose opposite the library when i went in there looking to see if they have any bargains. they have a lot of reduced priced loaves of bread, but not enough reduced for me. haha.

i guess i am from malaysia and high temperatures are something we dont like really. so this high is not something that excites me. i have experienced worst in malaysia, and it is a commonplace there.

ah well, just another day to endure it and then we get back to normal temperatures. 


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