longest day

21 Jun

london 12.40pm summersolstice 27.1C sunny wednesday 21.6.17

Jun. 21, 2017 Rise Set
Actual Time 4:43 AM BST 9:21 PM BST
Length of Day
16h 38m
Tomorrow will be 0m6s shorter.

it is forecast to hit 34C today but i shall believe it when i see it.

anyway i am sitting here now in my living room, the sun streaming inthrough the window. there is a breeze thank goodness. very pleasant and made better because of the ice cold drink of tap water that i have next to me. i was out earlier, to the sainsburys as i suddenly fancied some nuts… and they have one 550mg for £2.50 (35p/100mg) and those nuts are big too. i was thinking nuts are not sweet, so it might help me eat less sugery stuff so that i dont get too much caries. i am quite conscious of it now that i recently have a dental checkup. nuts are also very filling. i find i cannot eat that many of them as i get full. 


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