you cannot reuse surgical boot, but u can reuse crutches.

29 Jun

london 1.19pm 18.6C cloudy thursday 2017

today is the final appointment at the hospital for my fractured foot. it has healed very well, so much so that when i said so, he took my word for it , the doctor did not even ask to see the foot. it was a quick in and out. i took along the crutches and the surgical boot to give it back, saying i hope they can recycle it and reuse it, saying i hope the physiotherapist was wrong about recycling the surgical boot. the doctor confirmed it, saying it cannot be reused for fear of any patient were to get an infection from reusing the boot. so he let me take it away ‘as a souvenir’.

he said they can reuse the crutches though. 

so i got a spare surgical boot now.

whilst waiting to be seen, i saw a couple , man and woman walk in , and both of them were wearing surgical boots. i dont think they know each other, but they do look like a pair. what is notable is their boots, it looked very nice, modern and stylish… unlike mine, which is plain black. one of them the man was wearing one that looked like what gwyneth paltrow was wearing when she was photographed walking about with it. i wonder how he got that boot. and if it is supplied free by the hospital and does it mean it too will be thrown away after he has finished with it? 



2 Responses to “you cannot reuse surgical boot, but u can reuse crutches.”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday June 29, 2017 at 2:58 pm #

    👍Your foot is healed! Some homes for the poor might need such a boot. There are disinfectants to use for cleaning I guess. In Singapore not even crutches are returnable.

    • alifesgayventure Thursday June 29, 2017 at 3:04 pm #

      i think it is the fear of being sued that stops them reusing the boot. that fear is very real for any public body. the lining of the boot can be laundry cleaned, as told to me by the nurse when she first issued me the boot. i suppose it is meant for the patient to use it, if the treatment goes on for a long time. in my case it was 2months. i imagine some fractures might take a long time to heal. there must be a lot of crutches in a lot of homes, over the years, if crutches are not returnable in singapore.

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