naked day out.

2 Jul

london sunday 10.08am 20.1C sunny 2017

i am writing this offline. i am on the bus c2, on my way to parliament fields, where the meetup takes place. it is the official nude area in london. the only one actually in the whole country which is in a town or city. wish we have more of them. but glad that we have this one place. it has been in existance a long time , in those days of long ago when it is ok to be naked, and in fact people used to do so as a matter of course. people swim naked in those days. now we are far too conscious of nudity. 

continued 2.42pm very sunny. the sun has really come out today. so it was really hot and luckily there are shady sides to that area, where u can get out of the sun.

 it is just a concreted area off the changing room. and u just put down your towel anywhere in the sun on the concrete and strip off. haha. very nice. no fuss and no bother. and any man can go in there , no need to pay anything. later, the others joined me, as they are meeting at gospel oak, the railway station, and then walking, quite a long way to the ponds area where the naked sunbathing area is. i did not want to walk as my foot is not all that comfortable walking long distances, so i took the bus C2 which takes me right near there.

i found out when i went to the toilet, that the swimming in the ponds is free. that is a surprise to me. in the past they charge people to swim there. u need to wear something to swim, meaning u cannot swim naked. rather a pity that. they should make it clothes optional, after all it is all men, this pond is unisex. the women have their own pond to swim. its a deep pond, no shallow end, so u do need to be a good swimmer. the water is cold though.

its nice to stay in the naked area. though after a bit, there is not much to do, so by 2pm, when the meetup officially ends, i was ready to go and went off with the organiser, and we chatted along the way back to the bus stop, he going on walking to kentish town, to gospel oak, the train station, whilst i took the bus c2 back. the bus got a good airconditioning , so it was very peasant inside. this bus goes all the way back to victoria, though they are changing it, from july 12th, when it will stop at regent st. 

added. library paddington 3.45pm 23.1C sunny . i decided not to go back home nor to trafalgar square for the id festival, but to the paddington library. haha. and to the waitrose near there. i got 2 packs reduced price bean sprouts 15p 300mg, normally 52p, and a diabetic respberry 430mg jam for 35p (normally £1.69) and highland broth by baxter 400gm for 35p (75p usually). i have never eaten this broth, so might like to try it.  and with my waitrose card i get to have a free coffee too. 

added. when the heat comes with summer, those of us who like the naked lifestyle get to recall it and yearn for it again. it is a lovely lifestyle, but needs warmth. otherwise, the cold will force us to wear clothes. either that or turn up the heating. so u can see, this lifestyle depands on the warmth. but it also depands on an enlightened society that allows us to be naked. so far i dont see any society allowing us to live like that. but deep down , i realise that even if society does allow us to live a naked lifestyle, it is not sustainable… it is a idea that is more appealing in its dream, than in reality. the cold will very quickly get us back into clothes for one thing. so i think it is something that we can indulge in a holiday. but not in a permanent lifestyle.

i am reminded of this when i read a blog by someone who is in her 80s, selling everything and going on a life of travel, living a nomadic life travelling the world. they have both come to realise that they want a permanent place now. there was a lot of stress in travelling so much so that it affected her health. when i first came across their blog, i suspected as much, and wondered when they will find it out for themselves.

they have really researched a lot with their posts about their travels, and wrote knowledgeably about it accompanied by superb photos, that is of a quality that you would think are done by experts.

but in all these, you can see where it is heading. it is not sustainable.  when u go old, everything falls apart. age, and with it failing health, is the biggest factor in all these ambitions to travel the world and have the world as your home, moving all the time and never staying long in one place.

as long ago as the time when i travelled a lot, i allready realised that i dont like to spend months travelling. all those people who take a year off to travel the world, i dont know how they can stand it; i know i would be dead bored long before the year is up. i can only take travel a month at a time. after that i was very glad to get back to london and get back to work again. it was a joy to get back to work and start doing something i am good at and make money at it. so what i am saying is be careful what u wish for, you will get it, and find it is not all that great. haha. 



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