i wonder where our tv remote went?

4 Jul

london 23.2C sunny tuesday 2017 9pm

i think humans are constantly looking for novelty and new things. and always not satisfied with what they have. it is a human thing i think. which may be a survival trait, as all those disastisfied human beings force new discoveries and inventions and made us progress to what we are today.

the reason why i say this is because i felt a bit like that today. even though it is quite a pleasant day and i did some nice things but was still left feeling rather disastisfied.

ah well, one big fly in the ointment is losing the remote to the tv. i came back at the same time as simon and he asked me what i did with the remote. it seems he woke up after i had left for the library, and he could not find the remote. i know i left it on the side table before i went to sleep last night, which i always do because i am very methodical with leaving it in the same place all the time. simon leaves it all over the place, and it is because i dont like having to search all over the place that i develop this habit of keeping it in one place. but this morning it was not there. it is very strange and i cannot explain it. who could take it, only myself and simon lives here. it makes me sometimes wonder if there is a mischievious ghost doing these things.

anyway luckily the tv can be operated manually by pushing buttons on the machine itself, so we can still watch tv. simon went online to buy another one. for about £8. hope it arrives and works on our tv box. but it is rather an irritating thing, even though small problem. but it does unsettle the rest of the day. times like this i always keep reminding myself to keep things in perspective. in the wider range of things it is a minor mishap. normally, we will mislay things, and it will appear again some time later so we are hoping it will do so again, most probably just when the new remote arrives. i went to the marylebone library this morning. to see the new place it relocated to, round the corner from the old place. the old place is much bigger, 4 floors, this one is two floors and very small. so a bit unsettling, because i am so used to the old one, with its spaciousness. it seems the owners of the old place wants to reconvert it back to flats. it was originally flats and there was a downturn it seems in the housing market then, so they leased it out to the library, which was looking for a temporary home until their permanent home is ready. but i think the dateline for the new permanent home kept being put back, it is now 2020 before it is ready. so they have to find another temporary home. the new place got only one toilet and that is a disabled person’s toilet. perhaps they want everyone to use it. this new one dont have lifts to the downstairs basement floor. so that is going to restrict disabled people from using the computers downstairs.


One Response to “i wonder where our tv remote went?”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday July 5, 2017 at 5:08 am #

    Drats! Probably it fell in between sofa crevices. I know the feeling and hope it ‘appears’

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