electricity bill april-june2017

7 Jul

london 29.2C sunny friday 2017 1.20pm

my electricity bill came today. i put it down here for my own information. april-june 2017

284kwh used over 91days @0.1667p/kwh = £47.36



its about £2 more than last quarter. i was at my friend’s place yesterday and he was saying everything is going up since brexit. and he mentioned his electricitybill has gone up. but i can see he leaves the lights on all the time. in the kitchen, the hall, even two lamps in his living room, even though the sun streams in through the french windows which opens into a small walled garden. so just by saying your bills increase is not indicative of increased energy costs, but just your own usage. my usage has gone up a bit too. the data to use to compare is the kwh used per day. last quarter it was 3.05kwh/day. so not a lot increase really. but it has gradually gone up from last year.

but yesterday they were chatting about brexit, and my friend in particular saying he is much affected as he gets his pension from america, and when cnverted to £s, he loses, and then when he converts it to thai bahts he loses again. for some reason he cannot directly convert the US$ to bahts. this is because he is investing in thailand. so i guess people like him will lose out. though to me, it should mean he shuld change his direction and start making the venture in thailand make a profit instead of subsidising it with money injections from his uk income. 

added. hang on, some discrepency here. he should not lose when he converts US$ to £s, as the $ is stronger than the £ and he should be getting more £s when he converts those $. looks like my friend is biased for remain, and so can only see the downside but not the upside. either that or the whole currency exchange system is a scam. u always lose out whatever currency u want to change into. the middle man will have his cut.

i was in victoria station earlier today and i see one money changer giving £1= 1.10euro. but not sure if it is buying or selling.  official rate is 1 to 1.13euro. £1 = 1.29us$. since i have no intentions of changing money these rates are not a concern for me. but it certainly do not encourage me to go to europe when it is almost parity. 

£1 =44 thai baht . £1 = Rm5.50 . interesting that malaysia ringgit has not changed much but baht has been very strong. 

the other friend says his shopping bill has goneup too… when i told him mine has not, in fact it has decreased and he was totally shocked when i said it is about £30-£40 a month. he said his is £70 a week! i dont know what he buys really. rubbish most likely haha. by which i mean processed stuff.




2 Responses to “electricity bill april-june2017”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Friday July 7, 2017 at 3:11 pm #

    Duke Energy in in US wants to jack the price to cover expenses for polluting land, underground water and rivers with coal ash residue from its facilities. This will require many millions of dollars. Fortunately each state has a utility commission which must approve any rate hikes requested from utilities.Sometimes they deny some requests but usually approve part or all of the requested rate hike. Why should consumers pay for any of the reckless damage to environment ?

    • alifesgayventure Friday July 7, 2017 at 3:48 pm #

      the polluter pays , right? so the shareholders of that company pays it. but then they offset their costs by increasing their prices to their customers. their customers are free to move away and go to another power provider. the question is can their customers find another provider or not? this is where there should be other rivals to provide competition. but in rural areas, it might be difficult to find another company. if it is the only company supplying power to that area than u are fucked. u may have to go off grid, or provide your own generator.

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