8 Jul

london 1.01pm 25.2C sunny cafe nero haymarket london 2017

i have been to the marylebone library and read the papers and still got plenty of time to get to here. even though all the buses are jammed up and all the roads leading to this area are blocked. its very full of people lining the streets where the parade will be going by, but fortunately i picked this cafe nero where the parade dont go down this street so it is quiet and peaceful. even then this cafe is real busy, long queue now for the service. but i came early about 12.30pm so no one waiting to be served so i got served real quick. and my voucher from nectar gives me free coffee and what is more, i can ask for a large one, so i did and got cappuchino in a huge cup. like the cup is for a latte. good value that. haha.

this pride is no more called gay pride as so many other types of people are included. that might explain why i dont join in the march anymore. but still, it is a happy time, to see so many come out to play in central london. but i still prefer the old days when pride was really gay and made up of us marching instead of having all these floats .

anyway we met, this chinese guy from hongkong who we first got in touch via a gay website. chatted for 2hrs, then we decided we have to go see the march and stuff and he was meeting friends, so we went our separate ways, me going to soho and see what is going on there.

another guy came from cambridge. it simply amazes me how far people are prepared to travel and here is me, not bothering to go even when i am so near.

one thing about living so near. as soon as i want to leave, i can and do. whilst if i live far away u have to stick it out and stay and possibly the place gets more crowded and you might find it is a lot of fun after all. some things take time to get going and you have to give it a chance. 


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