why london?

9 Jul

london 6.43pm 25.7C sunny sunday 2017

its pleasant to potter around london in the airconditioned buses.

 i live so long in london,  sight seeing and visiting museums or any of the tourists sights that people come from all over the world to see is not so important to me now. in the past that is what i like about london. not now.

i value the joy of just going around the place, and enjoying the normal life and busy -ness of a thriving world city with its cosmopolitan facillities. its not overtly touristy, in that no place caters to tourists exclusively.  by that i mean a place that exist only because the tourists sustain it.

with london i dont get that impression where things are cooked up specially for the tourists. but of course it is only an impression i got from just looking at the outside of places, of these eating places that are so busy with customers. or places of attraction that are so full of people. i have no way of course of knowing if all of them are from other countries and whether there are  local people who live and work in london.  

or whether they are british people  from other parts of the uk. you might even say those latter are visitors to london and not locals. and you will be right of course. but at least i dont get the impression that london is just only for tourists and that it exists solely because of them.

it does not die down outside a tourist season for one thing. places where it is busy in   summer and is dead in winter. now that would really be the sign of a tourist town.

but anyway i went pottering today to my usual destination on a sunday, the library in paddington. haha. i would have gone into the centre of town, by that i mean soho and its environments but today there is a 10km run so the centre is road blocked.

i could of course go in there by tube,my freedom pass allows me to do so free. but there are signs everywhere saying bus tickets are accepted for travel by tube in zone 1 for today. so bus travellers  people who have to pay for travelling, are not out of pocket from the lack of buses operating because of that event. and in fact for most people that would be the attraction to get them going there in the first place. but i guess the sign of a true local is someone who would avoid that area when it is going on. haha.

but i do like being in london. it is strange i know and there is no one thing or things that i can point out to explain to others why i like it. i think it all comes down to being at ease in it and feeling it is my kind of town. i think a big reason why i like london must be that english is spoken here. i like living in a big city, and london is the biggest city in uk.

it is not even because that you can get free stuff handed out to you in the street. just this morning i saw guys setting up a cart by the baby ben clocktower in victoria… and giving out free blackberry robinson squash drinks to all and sundry. no idea why they are doing it, haha, but they are promoting something i am sure. but it was very low key and no sign to say what it is. but it was very nice nonetheless, to get a soft drink just when i was feeling thirsty. 

there are plenty of big cities like london,in other parts of the world;  busy with a life of its own that is not depandant on tourists, and have their own atmosphere, but not for me, because if they dont have english, that rules them out for me. haha. i am sure everyone will say i will miss the experience, and i am sure they are right, because it is so. but well, my feeling is it is not possible to experience everything in one life time… so as i believe in many lifetimes, i am sure i shall experience them all given time. this lifetime i know english and so i live in london and like it.  was wondering if i would like living in singapore, where you can live with english alone… but it is not big enough for me. what other cities in the world have about 8million population and where english is a common language i wonder? oh usa, canada, australia might have good examples. perhaps in another life i will like living in new york. or san francisco or los angeles, or miami. but for now all cities in europe are out of the running. no english spoken widely there. you will be right to say it is limiting to restrict your choices to english speaking cities. but for now in this life, i can only speak english and i know for a fact i will never like living in a place where english is not widely spoken. you truly feel foreign when u are in a place where they speak another language you dont know. it is hell to live long time in such a place, no matter what they say about being open to new experiences etc. i can say you will feel really pulled down if u live there long enough. short term visits is fine, then the different language is a novelty… but dont ever live there long time. unless you are very good at languages and learn it well . 


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