good news

19 Jul

london 11.58am 22.5C cloudybright wednesday 2017

i found something nice today. i collect sainsburys points via their nectar cards, the good thing is that u can get points not only by shopping at sainsburys, but also from other sources, esp the daily mail points in future, when they change their system to link it with the sainsburys points system.

i thought i can only redeem the points by changing them to cafe nero free coffees, or by shopping online, as well as other outlets like pizza express etc… (which i have no interest in) but i asked the lady at the help desk in the sainsburys shop whether i could redeem them in the store itself and she said i can if i ask them to do it at the cashier desk. so i bought a £2 frozen fish, which i wanted anyway, and approached the manned cashier checkout but she said i have to have a minimum of £2.50 before i can get the money from the nectar card points. it is good to know i can redeem it at the store. this is something they dont mention at the website. they dont publicise it. i guess they dont want people to just redeem the points by spending it at sainsburys as they want their partners to benefit as well.

what is also rather nice is that nectar card has been giving me extra points for shopping at sainsburys. for every shop i do, even if it is only for 1 point, meaning i just buy £1 worth, i get 10points bonus, and on the 6th shop, i get 100points. that is generous dont you think?

so that is good news for me. haha. it would certainly give me an incentive to get nectar points. i think it is another fun thing about staying and living in the uk.

another nice thing is this virgin lounge i am in now. it is really a very nice place to hang around. and they dont mind me coming in wearing football shorts and t-shirt. and you can stay as long as u like too. and they provide fruits , as much as u like, as long as u dont take it away, but eat them in. fair enough i think. and they even allow u to bring in a guest. at least it says so in their website. so far i have not got anyone who wants to come in, but it is a great place to meet up. 


some kind of luxury car gathering.

added.20.7.17 i saw this article listing the advantages of the various store cards. i got tesco, nectar and waitrose cards. 

added. 29.7.17 saturday 18.2C rain. earlier i bought frozen prawns 250mg £2.50 and celery 55p from sainsburys and i thought the whole amount can be paid for by the nectar card, but it seems it can only be redeemed in £2.50 amounts, because i think it came to 500 nectar points and redemption is in multiples of that amount. so i have to pay 55p in cash. still it is nice to know i can redeem the points in groceries. though they are doing a promotion now where u can redeem 1000 nectar points for two Vue cinema tickets , or for 2 pizzas at pizza express. hmm, i must find out if the coupons for pizzas are for two people for a meal, or can it be used for any size pizzas…that would be great bargain…  and can i use it for takeaway for one pizza at a time. 


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