what can you do over the weekend

22 Jul

london 9.12pm 14.8C rain saturday 2017

it is the weekend, and i had planned to go to the indonesian weekend festival at potters field park, near the tower bridge. it seems it happens every year, last year too. but it is the first time i am hearing of it. 

but it was such a dull rainy day today that i decided not to go. i wonder if everyone else is so lazy as me. maybe not. perhaps i might go tomorrow if it is sunny. tower bridge is rather far to go. if it were in trafalgar square i will go. the attraction of these festivals is the food that they sell, and for those who would like to taste it, it is a good reason to go, but for people like me who knows what the food is like, it is not so strong an attraction. 

i did drag myself out to the estate offices where today they are having a bit of a do to celebrate 20 yrs that the estate has its own management team. it is one of the oldest. it was not very well attended, maybe the drizzling weather did not help it. there were sandwiches and snacks. no fruits though. and no hot coffee or tea. which i would have liked.

i admit most of us, me too, dont really like to have much to do with the management of the estates. until something bad happens, like they drastically increase the charges… haha. or there is  a big bill for repairs. …then we might make a noise, though i wont bother, even then. i consider it part and parcel of owning your own flat.

 it is really boring to handle the affairs of the housing estate. that is why we parcel it out to private companies who take a fee. and most of us just pay up.  at least in this estate there are no lifts, so costs are kept down a bit.

so today is a quiet day for me. i suppose many would get restless, esp this being the weekend, and if they had been working all week, this would be the only chance to do leisurely things and so i am sure they will go out to whatever festival is going on.

though i remember with me when i was working, and in my younger days, i would be quite tired out going clubbing at night, something that i would do during the weekend, so would sleep in during the day and go out again saturday night. that is how i spend the weekends , gay clubbing, and you get to meet others who do the same, and so you build up the connections and friendships. you could in fact exist in this parallel world, a night existence with others who are also denizens of the night. haha. when you are young u have all that energy. 


One Response to “what can you do over the weekend”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday July 23, 2017 at 3:14 am #

    A lazy weekend is good once in a while. Enjoy a quiet one!

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