not so sunny

24 Jul

london 6.59pm 17.8C overcast monday 2017

the only bright thing about today is the free hamburger i got at prime burger in kings cross. it may well be the last of their monday freebies. ah well, it was great while it lasted.

but even though it is overcast and every thing looks dull, i am happy to be in london. made happier with this hamburger. haha. somehow when london is grey and overcast, it does not make me sad. unlike if i were at a seaside town. it seems so much worst when it is grey skies over a seaside town…dont you think? 

i got an email from my friend john who lives in poole, he had been on a car trip to devon with a friend. and he sent me pictures he took of his time there, using dropbox. i must say looking at those pictures, showing overcast skies, harbours with no water in them, rocky beaches,  lots of pictures of pubs, and empty streets, he did not really capture the beauty of the places, ( i am assuming  they exist…) haha.

maybe there are no sandy beaches , bright sunshine, cheerful skimpy dressed people frolicking in the sunshine,for him to take pictures of… unlike those pics taken in spain or anywhere in europe. haha. now u know why people flock to the med for their holidays. haha.


one of the pics he showed me. i find their harbours with no water rather off putting. perhaps it looks better if there is bright sunshine on it.


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