colindale food hall back again

24 Jul

london 10.09pm 16.5C damp monday 2017

i read this just now, about the opening of a food hall in colindale. there used to be one long ago, run along the lines of food halls in where hawkers sell all kinds of food and you can mix and match cuisine from all the s.e.asian and chinese countries… that food hall closed long ago, but now it seems this one has risen to take its place. and quite a big one too. funny that no one reported it when it opened on 10.july. this is the first report i read of it. and their 20% discount has just ended today. i think a lot of us would be interested in going there. 


perhaps their website should tell us how to get there. i mean what buses go there from the colindale tube station? and that the station is on the edgeware branch of the northern line. and in zone 4. but for us going by public transport, it willbe useful toknow what buses go there. added. there is a bus from kingsbury , jubilee line to stanmore.

i may not have heard of it, but it seems the locals know of it. and it has been full up ever since it opened it seems. so maybe that is why it is not publicised so much. it has enough business allready.

added 25.7.17. it seems tomorrow 26.7.17 is the official opening. the previous 2 wks was the soft opening. 

someone posted a review of it. hope it wont be too pricey. portions not very big. a lot of nostalgia for oriental city, the first food hall there and i too have nice memories of it, because prices then were low. but it was 9 yrs ago. it just wont be the same. in those days, even chinatown was cheap. it might be useful for locals who live near there so there is no need to make the long journey into the centre to chinatown for it. and as they said, other cuisines, are also available in there. but maybe not that attractive for us who live far away to make that special journey to go there for it.



2 Responses to “colindale food hall back again”

  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday July 25, 2017 at 4:57 am #

    Do post and share after if it was a good trip! Enjoy and have fun if you go.☺

  2. Kavey at Kavey Eats Tuesday July 25, 2017 at 6:33 am #

    The quality of the food is still good but the prices are definitely higher than OC when it closed. (I wrote the blog review you linked to). The stall holders are, of course, different, and the mix of cuisines isn’t quite the same – but it’s still decent. There’s a lot more seating, though the whole place was still packed when we went on the second weekend. Officially it’s meant to open at 10.30 am but on our second visit, most stalls didn’t open till noon. Only two were running by 11.30. Hope you get to visit and check it out soon.

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