talking of the weather…

27 Jul


london 9.51am 17.1C cloudy thursday 2017

its morning here in london so i wish you all a good morning. even if it is evening where u are. haha.

its very peaceful here. in my flat i mean. i suppose it is because i make it so. it is cloudy out there, quite grey in fact. (correction. its quite bright actually and even though the website says it is about 18C, it felt quite warm when i got out and caught the bus to the library.)i know lots of people will feel depressed just looking out at all the greyness but not me.  

i know the alternative of hot hot weather is not that great either. just look at what the effect is in europe now if u dont believe me. do u prefer news of wild fires in the uk, or water rationing… ? those articles dont mention the constant smell of burning, the ashes in the air, and the stinging effect on the eyes… cant be very pleasant when u are lying on the beach trying to get some sun and a tan on your one holiday of the year. and to think you paid good money to come out there, and have to pay more for staying there and eating there too. they must all be thinking i might have been better off staying at home.

i am surprised they dont talk of water rationing too…in those articles about the wild fires… no mention of restricting water to all those tourists there…  how come everytime we in uk have a few weeks of no rain, they always bring up the threat of water rationing. in this country where it rains a lot, we are always threatened with water rationing… and hosepipe bans. yet in france with wild fires from the intense heat and dryness, they never talk of water rationing do they? at least in the articles, no mention that there have been strict water rationing months before these fires took hold.

and then we have the met threatening us with forecasts of  floods from rains in winter for the next 3 yrs, solid rain… that is why i dont believe in the met forecasts anymore. now they got a new super duper computer, they talk of floods and rains now instead of drought and hot weather, remember that forecast of a barbeque summer! with that previous computer forecasting system they got… as if! i suppose they are playing it safe now. after all, how wrong can they get by predicting rains … haha. there is always rain falling somewhere in the uk. so no danger of them being accused of being wrong . though i am hoping that the next 3 winters will turn out to be the warmest and driest on record. hoho. though they are again playing it safe by saying the next 3 yrs, instead of saying next winter it will be a big flood and solid rain. like they used to do, forecasting a year ahead only… 

i have stopped looking at their website long ago. and it is only a newspaper article mentioning their forecast that i got wind of it. frankly i dont think they deserve this publicity. and i am glad the bbc stopped using them as the official weather forecaster. it got to the stage when we blame the bbc for getting it wrong, and it fosters the feeling that if they can get the weather wrong, what else are they getting wrong, hey? and that is why the bbc dumped them. 

added 2.33pm 20.6C sunny .virgin lounge.

the news are full of the govt banning petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. and it is not alone in doing it. france is also going to ban them. wow, looks like peak oil will never happen, use of oil will just reduce long before peak oil comes round. and this banning comes just when shale oil will make petrol prices low. it is bad news for the saudis. where are they going to get their money from if oil is going to have less demand. ships and planes will still run on oil i think but that is a small market compared to land vehicles. i think they will continue to sell to china, india and the rest of the world, because i think petrol vehicles will be still the main mode of fuel everywhere else.

just take a moment to think of it, you have blackouts now in a lot of those countries outside of europe and north america…where there is no electricity, or it is erratic, to households. they cannot even ensure a constant supply to houses, what makes u think they will be able to supply electricity to those hordes of electric cars if u get rid of petrol/diesel . unless they can invent a solar battery strong enough to power cars. my feeling on this is it is not wise to rely on just one source of power. ie electricity to power everything. have many sources of power, so use gas, petrol, diesel, so no one can hold u to ransom. 

added. 8.47pm this report of the actual temperatures and rainfall over the last two years. 

– 2016 was the 13th warmest in records dating back to 1910

– Winter 2016 was the mildest on record with the mean temperature more than 2°C above the long-term average across the southern half of the UK

– Winter 2016 was the second-wettest on record, second only 2014

added. 28.7.17 friday . today i read in the times paper a correctionby the met office.

‘it wrongly state in its report that the last ten years had been the warmest decade for three centuries in the Central England Temperature record – the world’s longest -running temperature series. Mr McCarthy said the warmest ten-year period in the series had been 1997 to 2006, not 2007 to 2016 as had been stated.

the met’s biased for global warming is still strong, it seems, that they can still make a mistake in reporting facts.  their wishful thinking is making them make mistakes. cant trust them to correctly report facts even.

central england temperature record.

3 Responses to “talking of the weather…”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday July 27, 2017 at 10:36 am #

    Good morning to you☺

    • alifesgayventure Thursday July 27, 2017 at 1:06 pm #

      good morning to you. i suppose singapore is the same all year round, hot and wet. haha. sometimes u get the haze from indonesia. but maybe this year it is not so bad. i am sure everyone in singapore knows what it is like to have that haze from burning.

      • Garfield Hug Thursday July 27, 2017 at 1:11 pm #

        Yup same ol same ol but the mercury went up by 1C to average 34C daily! Global warming! Indonesia says they are trying their best to behave but we know it might not happen. Sigh!

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