sunny monday in london

31 Jul

london 1.15pm virgin lounge haymarket. monday 2017 21.6C sunny.

the nice thing about being retired, amongst many nice things, is that monday do not hold its dread anymore. most dread monday simply because it is the start of the work week after a lazy workless weekend. though if u are a shift worker , mondays too wont have its dread. majority of people still work monday -friday though. and schools still operate mon- friday. so right from school days people have been trained to dread mondays.

the streets seem strangely uncrowded today. by that i mean the traffic. no long line of cars stuck at the traffic lights and the bus going swiftly down the street without any interruptions. i have been told about this , as the school summer holidays start and to expect quieter streets as you dont have those parents adding to the traffic with their school runs. i expect that in the suburbs, but not in the centre of london, so it is difficult to explain why the traffic is so light and makes it seem so quiet in the centre of town.

oh, hang on, there is a nursery school near me, and a primary school just opposite where i live, so yes, i can see where those cars come from during term time, so i get it. parents doing the school run are everywhere, even in central london. 



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