travelling to europe will have more delays at passport control now.

1 Aug

london 4.58pm 22.2c sunny tuesday 2017

its a very pleasant day today, even though if u just look at the temp, 22.2C it doesnot sound like alot. but on the ground, to experience it makes me realise it is really quite ideal. i used to think 25C would be ideal , but i have reconsidered now, and think anything from 20C to 25C will be fine.

today i read this article telling about long queues to go through passport control in those big cities in europe… paris, madrid, lisbon, milan, amsterdam,barcelona, palma in majorca, i thought at first it is only at big airports, but no, it is europe wide even in the smaller airports, due to a new directive brought out in march, about checking all non schengen passport holders against the records to be implemented by oct this year. so be prepared for more disruption and delay after oct.

but perhaps it will have done its job and drastically stop people going to europe unless absolutely necessary. as one comment said, dont go there.

i remember in the past we used to have to buy visas, to visit a country, and it involves long queues at their embassy. then visas were abolished and u can get a stamp on the passport at the port of entry and allowed to stay for a certain length of time. but now every passport has to be checked not only for authenticity, but also against a list of terrorists. perhaps the computer would make that very quick. but still it would take time. 

i think we shall all look back on the 90s when we could just pop over easily and cheaply to europe as the golden years of travel. i know i do.

when u consider you can get fined, or hosed down with  water to prevent you from eating your own food in the public squares in florence or rome, as they are doing or thinking of doing… it makes you wonder why you want to go there anyway. if they are so precious about it, they can keep it. and if they are so unwelcoming to tourists, they should jolly well not get any. 

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