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4 Aug

london 10.30am 20.2C sunny friday 2017

12.05pm 21.7C cloudy.

6pm 21.2C sunny.

as u can see, it has been sunny and cloudy but no rain so far. even though the forecast was rain at this time. a very pleasant day actually , unlike what i read of 40C temperatures in the mediterranean. august is when most people are on holiday or thinking of it. it is the school holidays as well.

and i know in paris, it is holiday time, anyone who is anyone will be away on holiday, leaving the city to tourists and those too poor to get away. haha. fortunately in london we dont have that stigma… or at least i never got into those social circles where it is a stigma. i remember in the past it was the done thing to go away for the weekend to your country estate so no one who is anyone stays in london for the weekend. but perhaps that custom is no more, as the old brigade dies off and the new youngsters find it too old fashioned. now perhaps the style is to jet off to somewhere fashionable in europe for the weekend. haha.

i wonder if anyone sometimes get the urge to spend money? i find i was suddenly desirous to spend and decided to go to iceland, where they have advertised their spatched -cock peri peri chicken 1.1kg for £2.50. it seems the normal price is £4,(very overpriced i think) and it is boneless.

spatched cock means they snip out the backbone, and than flatten it and they remove the thigh bone too and the pelvic bones and ribs. normally if u do it at home, the idea is to flatten the chicken so it can cook evenly and quicker but i like the round shape of the whole chicken , i like the 3 dimensional look, instead of a 2 dimension look of this flattened chicken. a flattened bird looks like a road kill. haha. 

anyway i took the bus there, to the iceland branch near waterloo station, but they have sold out of it.  the advert only came out yesterday or so. so quick to be sold out. i should have known the brits love anything boneless. haha.

but perhaps it is fortunate that it has sold out, and i could not buy it; because it is better value to buy a whole fresh chicken @£1.99 /kg, as opposed to this one which is @£2.27/kg.

so since i still feel like spending money , i shall go to the tesco later and buy their fresh chicken and have a whole roast chicken , with its bones and all. i  think the meat tastes much nicer  when it is attached to bone, don’t you agree? and i shall use chilli powder and curry powder to season it.

but as usual, when talking of food, it makes me hungry. that is why never watch too much tv with its adverts for food, it makes u eat too much. but it is getting me hungry this talk of food, so i have decided to steam some fish with rice and have a quick snack. and finish it with a cup of coffee.

it looks really very nice out there, with the sun shining and blue sky with bits of cloud. i shall go out for a stroll just to enjoy it. 

added. 5.51am sunday 6.8.2017 12.8C brightclouds.

i did go to the tesco near me and bought the chicken. it was 25% reduced, even though it was not expired on that day. it was part of their promotion so that effectively the chicken was £1.80/kg. so instead of a 1.5kg bird, i got a 1.8kg one for about the same price. it came to £3.37. i roasted it and the day was cool enough so that it was pleasantly warm in the kitchen instead of it being swelteringly hot. if the daily temperature had been 40C like in the Med, i would never think of roasting anything or using the oven even. but as it was, i got a roast chicken to eat now. and when i was paying for it i remembered i just got a tesco gift card of £5 sent to me by the daily mail as a redemption of 2000 nectar points. so in the end i did not spend any cash either. 

the daily mail points system have been warning us of their imminent change of the redemption system. in fact, they are changing next week.

they are going to convert the points to sainsbury nectar points. in the past we could convert the points to get vouchers of £5 from any supermarkets, but once this system comes in we can use sainsburys only. its still quite good, free money really. you get this amount every 2months . as an incentive for people to go to sainsburys it works i think. haha. there are plenty of other outlets where u can get nectar points, unlike the tesco system where u only can build up points only if u shop at tescos.

the tesco system is more generous, paying 1p for each point. so 1000 tesco points is £10, whilst the nectar points is half that ,£5. but if u consider you need to spend £1000 at tescos to get the 1000 points, it is quite a lot of money. no wonder people try to pick up tesco receipts lying around in the car parks etc. to collect the points. 

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